Here is the race that Barton Cockburn and friends hooked again.

It is race 8 at Albion Park run at 9.07 pm on Saturday night the 5th of November 2016, and it is the Sure Products Qualifying B Pace run over the distance of 2138 metres, the longer journey favoured by the fixers because it gives them more time to weave their evil magic.

The name of the race has a certain irony, because the sponsor company Sure Products is – through a complex web of companies that Mick Dowie will distill in about three seconds now that he’s copped the tip – controlled by men intimately involved in the harness racing industry.

Sure Products is a company that imports “a bold and innovative product that is setting a new benchmark in mosquito repelling technology”.

The “bold and innovative” product is a mosquito candle, unimaginatively named the  Sure Mosquito Candle.

I am going to tell you a whole lot more about the candle in just a few seconds, but first let’s take a look at the Sure Products company and its ownership structure.




Gurney Bros Services Pty Ltd is owned in equal shares of 20% by five members of the Gurney family.

The Gurney family are in the earth moving business.

They own a company named RDC Civil Pty Ltd.

On the company’s website it pretends that the company is named RDS Civil Engineering Pty Ltd but it is not, because no such registered company exists. It is the company listed above.

RDS Civil’s major clients are all in the Ipswich City Council area, and their major clients are the Council and the Springfield Land Corporation.

The crooks.

We know someone else who ran an earth moving business don’t we sportsfans?

Someone who has been charged with wholesale corruption related to earth moving contracts with the Ipswich City Council. Someone who had unwisely made threats against your humble correspondent’s person, unaware of either the scribes ‘I lived in fear for 30 years and I never will again and I don’t give a f*ck if you threaten to hurt of kill me because I’ve already been mortally hurt and totally dead so what more can you do c*nt?’ attitude, or of his friendships with respectable businessman across both the Eastern and Western seaboards, and these capitalist types with funny wog surnames great respect for the writer’s father, wife and younger child.

One of the Gurney Brothers is named Ian.

He owns 20% of the Gurney Brother’s business empire.


Ian Gurney is a Queensland harness racing trainer.

His name has featured heavily into this site’s team’s – and make no mistakes, it is not just me, there is an extensive team at work on this,  and some of them wear blue shirts and some of them wear leather jackets; it’s a broad church – investigation into Queensland harness race fixing.

Ian Gurney is a race fixer.

But that’s the least of his crimes, because Ian Gurney is also something else.

Ian Gurney is a doper.

In a minute I will tell you how and why. First though let’s look at the other shareholder in Sure Products the mosquito candle maker and sponsor of the rigged Albion Park race.


That shareholder is a man named Earl Richards.

He owned a company named Aussie Firelighters Pty Ltd (ABN 069 933 866) which was registered as a business name in 1995 and incorporated as a registered trading company in the year 2000.

In 2007 Earl Richards applied for to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority for government approval to import the supposedly mosquito repelling candles, and after meeting a requirement to provide an independent test of the product by arranging for one to be bodgied up, his licence was granted.

Nothing that we can write about happened in the next 5 years so lets fast forward to the year 2012, and a once promising 2 and 3 year old pacer who has been going like a busted arse in low class races in the Bathurst district changes stables and heads to the paddock for a 6 month spell, an exceptionally long rest in harness racing terms.

The pacer’s name is Avonnova.

Soon its life and its career are about to dramatically turn around.

I’m going to tell you why.

To be continued …….