9 Dec 2017 – TEXAS

1200m Maiden

The distance is a few furlongs short of our optimum range, but fresh off the plane and with a massive class advantage she’ll pinch it and the winner’s cheque, and be running away from them on line. The local satchel swingers will be fleeced for as much as we can take ‘em for, but we’ll plonk late and stack the tote lines with our grandmothers putting on complex combinations of single $1 trifectas and cancelling every third one because they’ve changed their minds so the bookies can’t lay off, and grandma’s last bet before the off will be whatever the magic number is to maximise our return in every pool divided by the number of old ducks, and so we’ll clean the tote out too.

In the Bank – $4 550

In the Kick – Heaps