12 JAN 2018 – GATTON

2000m BM 65

After a dozen days off spent jogging and swimming on the calm side of Bribie Island up near Ningi our fast-rising star returns to the track.

In the fortnight since her last cakewalk Vic has decided that she’s going to win The Big One on the first Tuesday in November and moves to Queensland so that he can ride her in work each morning and lock in the ride. He brings his mother with him and after Mrs Wong shows Rooster her holiday snaps from Kilcoy taken by hidden camera in the mens dunny the magnanimous two schooner screamer secures she and Vic a lease on Nifty’s investment property at Ascot Green, and pays six months rent up front with a pile of pineapples he’s secured on tick from Clip Clop Kev.

Maggie open at unbackable odds but blows out the door after rumours sweep the track that a clocker from Canberra sharing the same name as Rooster has discovered that her track record run of 2.34.06 at the Dez was a dodgy time engineered by a wicked Tabcorp  trying to corrupt our virtuous Tatts and lodged a submission to the Competition Tribunal telling all about the rort.

We have started the rumours, and back Maggie SP.

We win a motza when she crosses the line a space ahead of Daylight, with 25 lengths to the third horse GayAdamGroundaYoungBloodedRufusHardEnoughtoCumSecondBehindHimBuyaNose.

In the Bank – $10 400

Balance – $50 850

In the Kick – Loose lips sink ships