26 JAN 2018 – DOOMBEN

2200m Class 1 (Metro)

First we take in the Rooster, and then we take Berlin.

It’s time.

We’re off to the big smoke.

Flush with cash in used, non-numbered and untraceable bank notes won on the punt we sponsor the race and so it’s named the WeRAlltopshagahs Whimpey Dave Slippery Sam Nifty Nev And Rooster Plate, and invite Mrs Clip Clop Kevin and Kay Seymour to present the winners prize, and at her request throw in a gold-fringed blue sash for her to drape around Maggie’s shoulders. Our syndicate manager forgets to tell Mrs CCKAKS that we have ordered the model with the nipples cut out, and she fails to notice.

In an expertly coordinated nation-wide plunge managed by our syndicate’s sub-contractor Jed/Ned Shannon our girl’s price is slashed from 33’s into 6/5 against and punters standing to attention across the length and breadth of the Wide Brown Land climb aboard, but we’ve dropped our load first.

Of course an ecstasy  pumped Maggie leads from barrier to post and as he crosses the finish line 69 lengths ahead of the field our now stable rider Vic lets of the reins, gazes high up to the stars, pulls a tripe somersault topped off with a double back flip and ends up on the bend out of the straight with one hand on the pommel and the other cast high up at the Rooster in a victory salute.

Maggies appearance at the track ready to be mounted has attracted record crowds, and to a man they spring erect and salute her as she blows the all-male field away on Whimpey Dave’s green grass.


Shezamadsruta’s had a great prep and has finished it off with a bang, so we send her out to the paddock for a well-deserved rest, in preparation for the Big Double.

Early reports are that Maggie’s bucking her brands off.

100 Madshagah’s look forward to having another crack at her first up  in the 55 second challenge.

She’s been a great ride.

In the Bank – $12 800

Balance – $63 530

In the Kick – the mad rutahs were last seen  the building in an Armaguard Van