Have you ever seen a worse ride in your life than Dwayne Dunn’s on Royal Symphony in the Caulfield Guineas a couple of minutes ago?

Oh dear Dwayne, it was a two million dollar bloody race you idiot. Why did you go through the middle looking for runs and getting stopped in your tracks three times when you could have just come around them?

What were you thinking?

What was Brenton Avdulla thinking going up the inside of the field on Chautauqua when all of its best wins have been when it comes down the outside in open space?

The big grey finishes like Bernborough but it can’t get up to its Ferrari speed if it is blocked or balked or has to change course in the final 300m. Yet despite everyone sportsfan in the world being aware of this Avdulla somehow decides that he knows better than anyone else and tries to weave a passage, with exactly the same result as Dunn achieved with his slaughter job.

I doubt very much that you will see either jockey riding those horses ever again, don’t you worry about that. In fact I reckon a new career as Crows Nest butcher might be in the offing for both blokes. They are eminently qualified based on today’s efforts.

Is there a full moon tonight or something?

How else can you explain the outbreak of madness?