Robert Schwarten was once the face of the Labor Party in Central Queensland and beyond.

What an ugly face it really is once you rip off the mask.

See that ‘trivial rule’ that Schwarten derides, the one that he says has ‘been broken before’ and is ‘not fair’ if not broken again?

This is it.


The ‘trivial rule’ says that you have to be a member of the Labor Party for at least a few months before you become a representative of the party and its members in the House of Broken Dreams (State Parliament).

It’s bloody terrible isn’t it?

What next?

Will they be saying that swimmers have to be able to swim? Or writers able to write? Or absolute wankers be able to pull their own chains, and ours?

It’s a sure path to socialism this sort of crap, and if we want good government and people in power who will keep Schwarto earning half a million a year for a couple of dozen days work sitting on a board or two and doing a bit of consulting we need to stop it before it spreads.

I’m sure my great-grandad who watched his mate who would have turned out to be his brother-in-law if he hadn’t copped a mortar die on the Western Front, and then returned determined to help build a peoples party to build a democratic world of peace would agree.


No I’m not.

He would have f*cking hated it, and wondered who the f*ck these people like Schwarten were and what the party would become if they ever gained the levers of power.

Good on ya Rob.

Give yourself a smack in the bloody head.