When I started writing extensively about Queensland Racing I told you that there was a secret plan to sell the Eagle Farm racecourse.

I wasn’t whistling dixie, and if anyone doesn’t realise by now how damn good my sources are and still wants to doubt them well all I can say if more fool you.

What more do I need to do to prove the veracity and depth of my information to you? Tell you what Dead ‘Ned/Jed’ Shannon’s first business venture back in his early 20’s when he lived in his step-father’s mansion at Brookfield was?

Show you the three affidavits from his former customer’s that I have copies of lodged with lawyers in three different countries as insurance should the lifelong bully and grub revert to type and make or take threats against my person?

Ascot’s not the only place in BrisVegas that once used to be green, don’t you worry about that. But even it’s not going to be green for much longer if we all sit in the dark with the lights turned off, don’t you worry about that either.

All the talk has always been about Doomben, and that was the plan originally a decade ago, but it changed.

Eagle Farm is the target.

Why do you think the corrupt Directors of the BRC put up this dummy question at the recent farce they convened in an attempt to ward off the hard and real questions being asked on this website?


Why do you think the question was about Doomben, and didn’t mention anything about Eagle Farm except that it wasn’t racing?

Why do you think the track at Eagle Farm hasn’t been ripped up and relaid yet, even though the Monteith Report declared that by now it should have been?

Why do you think all these apartments and shops and childcare centres are being erected around the Eagle Farm acecourse? Do you imagine that they are for the current Ascot/Hendra/Hamilton population who are already well serviced by such businesses? Or for the new one that will move into the secretly master planned development that the plotters intend to build on what they hope WAS the Eagle Farm course.

Why do you think that access to membership of the Brisbane Racing Club was shut off for so long, and only reinstituted once it became too late for any new member to run for a position on the board that has the power to sell the track?

Why do you think the tunnel to the new infield stables runs all the way to Nudgee Road? Just because it’s convenient? Or because if the land around them is sold the trainers, jockeys and horses can still access them?

Why do you imagine stables were built on the inside of the track anyway? It has been a massive failure at every other track at which they’ve tried it, so why on earth would anyone think it won’t be here? Would it be because there isn’t going to be a track there at all do you reckon?

Why do trainers think they built them for you in the first place? Because they love you? Really? Or because once you move your stables there you are stuck, and can’t say or do a goddamn thing if they do sell the track?

Why do you think all the board members of the BRC – each of whom have been hand picked by Nifty Nev and his co-conspirators, and have never faced a contested election – all just happen to be real estate salesman, property developers, financiers and bankers?

Why do you think Nifty Nev, a real estate salesman and property developer himself who played a lead role in developing the corridor between Narangba and Caboolture, became the BRC Chairman in the first place?

Why do you think Jeff Kennett – the scumbag Premier who sold off all the Victorian state assets, and handed up the state industrial system to John Howard (that ones for the young union officials who don’t know their history) –  was shouting out loud about decisions at Eagle Farm being handed over to the Brisbane Racing Club?

Why do you think the Courier-Mail printed it?

Let me tell you the answer to all of the rhetorical questions that I have posed to you above.

The Government and the BRC have a secret plan to sell Eagle Farm.

Only now it’s not so secret.

A leading Brisbane barrister has been approached to head a probity committee that will investigate and deal with all the issues that may arise when after the upcoming election -not before, definitely not before – the Government announces that the State finances are dire, and if we want new schools and hospitals we will have to sell the farm.

Eagle Farm.

This barrister bears the same name as the Chairman of Racing Queensland, although to the best of my knowledge they are not related.

This barrister has done the Government’s bidding before in Racing Commissions of Inquiry and in jack ups about floods, and no doubt he will do it again and probably be rewarded by being appointed a judge or the head of some farce like the CCC.

This barrister shares the same name as one of the greats of Australian cricket, although in the bowler with the swinging pendant and aluminium bat’s case it is his middle name rather than his first.

Why isn’t Nathan Exelby telling you this?

Why isn’t Bart Sinclair?

Why aren’t any of the mainstream media racing reporters?