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There are some people in this world with poor memories, who over-rate their own abilities and misread those of others, and in their ignorance of the stabilising qualities of modern medicine mistakenly write-off decent people suffering from mental illnesses as intellectual deficients. As a result of their hubris, these type of people have an unfortunate and, as time will tell, ultimately self-defeating tendency to pick fights that they simply cannot win.

On the other hand there are erudite types with IQ’s tested and correct of 170 and long-term memories like elephants, who become understandably indignant when a former cricket teammate joins the conga line of c*ckheads keen to sink the slipper into a child-abuse victim and deride and demean him because of the unwanted affliction he developed as a consequence of the crimes committed against him when he was an innocent teen.

I fall into the latter category.

And thus ask this question of a hot-headed hypocrite named Thomas Anthony Cranitch who has been running around all over town calling me names, and by his deed has placed himself dead centre in the hubris afflicted arsehole category.

So I will ask aloud this question:

‘I’m a c*nt am I Thumper?’

We’ll see about that sunshine.

Perhaps I’ll even prove you right.

Just remember I’m from Geebung gunslinger, and Bunger boys don’t get mad, and we don’t get even. Who the hell enjoys a draw?

Not me Marist brother, not me.