Reports filtering out of England are that the CEO of Ladbrokes Australia Jason Scott – who goes by the name of Les in certain Sydney harness racing circles, or used to anyway – and Dean Jed/Ned Shannon’s lawyer were very recently summoned to the Ladbrokes Coral Group company’s headquarters in London for an urgent meeting of senior minds.

Apparently the topic of the meeting was the sudden disappearance off the books of a large number of the wagering group’s high yield Australian clients, and we’re told that in particular Laddies Coral wanted to discuss and disseminate the strange coincidence that they disappeared almost exactly at the time that former Ladbrokes Australia CEO and founder Jed/Ned set up his new operation Neds, ironically named after an infamous bushranger.

I don’t know what the outcome of the meeting was, or what the Poms knew, but I’m sure young Ned/Jed wouldn’t have been up to anything dodgy. Nah never. He’s got a huge and generous soul, or at least a huge one anyway. After all he went to St Paul’s, and they used to learn us better than that back in the day. Or belt us if we told at least.

Jed/Ned would never pinch a client list, never.

And I’m Fred Flinstone.

Yabba dabba doo!