The Brisbane Racing Club has almost 3000 members, at least 600 of them children signed up to the Giddy Up Club which would be an excellent initiative by the club if only it weren’t for the fact that the purpose of the young racegoers club is not to encourage young people into racing, but rather to pad the membership figures to make it look like the club is growing instead of bleeding, and in the process earn BRC CEO ‘Whimpey Dave’ Whimpey and his Marketing Manager Katie Churchill a performance bonus for ‘achieving’ their targets.

Many of the 3000 adult and child members of the BRC are involved in sporting, cultural and community services groups in the Brisbane area. Things like footy teams, dance groups, scouts and junior Jaycees. All of these organisations are not-for-profit community organisations always desperately in need of funds. Most aren’t attached to or affiliated with licensed clubs that make healthy profits from electronic gaming machines, aka pokies.

The Brisbane Racing Club doesn’t sponsor any of them.

North Burleigh Surf Lifesaving club has lots of members too, the vast majority of theme social members of the licensed arm of the club which offers 41 poker machines, live keno and UBET gambling terminals for their hugely under the odds, must lose due to the percentages for their live in hope punting pleasure.

David Whimpey and his wife Natalie are members of the North Burleigh SLC.



Whimpey Dave spends a week or two volunteering down at Burleigh breaking down the beach. It’s his forte, breaking things down, and as his work at the BRC shows he’s damn good at it too, even if he does have a problem sticking when he’s not being paid.

The other members of the club are juniors who are too young to play the pokies, and instead are ‘nippers’ or ‘grommits’ who participate in the Junior Lifesaving activities offered by the club as their sport.

David and Natalie Whimpey’s children are members of the North Burleigh Junior Surf Life Saving Club and attend nippers training and events on weekends.

The Brisbane Racing Club sponsors the North Burleigh SLC.


As related above, the BRC does not sponsor any of its other members or member’s kids sporting clubs.

Why not?

Because Whimpey Dave’s kids aren’t in them.

This is called corruption in any person’s language.

Whimpey Dave has authorised BRC member’s money to be spent sponsoring a club that his children are involved in, without any due process by way of setting a junior sponsorship budget and inviting interested local organisations to make a submission for funding and/or support from the club.

North Burleigh isn’t even in the BRC’s racing catchment area, it’s in the Gold Coast Turf Club’s. Why is that club not sponsoring the surf club?

Because Whimpey Dave doesn’t work for the Gold Coast Club, he works for the BRC. Or it’s members work for him, depending on which way you want to look at it.



Have the BRC Board of Directors approved this corrupt misuse of its members funds for purposes unrelated to its constitutional business and activities?

If so, why?

The folk in charge of racing in NSW just put on a ten million dollar race, attracted 33 000 people to track at Randwick, and doubled betting turnover.

We in Queensland don’t even have our number one track to race on.

Corrupt officials are all the same, whether they are in charge of unions or RSL’s or Racing Clubs or anything else: all they care about is themselves, not the sports or activities they are entrusted by members to govern. And when the folk in charge of something care not about it but only about them it always ends badly, with the guts ripped out of the cash cow and the rippers sailing off into the sunset to do it somewhere else all over again.

You can fiddle while Rome burns and do and say nothing sportsfans, and watch on as Whimpey Dave and Nifty stand over and stoke the fire.

Just don’t wail over the ashes when our industry is reduced to nothing, because punters you were told.