13 March 2017

The track races poorly at a mid-week meeting.

Jockeys and trainers report that there horses cannot get stable footing on the track and are rolling about all over the place. Different sections of the track are playing different ways. There are dozen’s of different biases all on the one track.

It’s the round sand and the grass that’s failed to take root because of the peat moss layer that’s the problem, but no-one knows it at that stage.

Well, almost no-one.

As is always the case on racetracks, some smarties are in the know, but of course they’re not telling because they don’t want to knock off their price.

The BRC blamed its staff for the problems, and re-engaged the mob who stuffed the track in the first place to fix it

Following the first debacle in March an emergency meeting of stakeholders was convened.

These meetings included a couple of hand-picked trainers and jockeys; a clutch of representatives of the BRC, RQ and Evergreen; and some so-called turf experts. In other words it was a meeting of the very same people that bastardised the track, with a couple of jockeys and trainers – who knew something was wrong but didn’t have a clue about the finer detail of what it was – thrown in to make the meeting look fair dinkum.

Evergreen pointed the finger at the BRC track staff and blamed them, and like the Black Caviar of racing club CEO’s that he absolutely isn’t and the greatest BRC Chairman in history that he decidedly ain’t Whimpey Dave and Nifty Nev did exactly what corrupt arseholes of bosses around the globe do when faced with the danger of exposure of their failings and sins.

They sided with the conspirators and pointed the finger at their own loyal staff too.

Two days later Evergreen – the very folk who had f*cked the track, and whose hellish handiwork was still under warranty – were contracted by the Brisbane Racing Club to maintain the track for the next three months.

Not by Racing Queensland – do not fall for the lies coming out of Ascot that it was all RQ’s fault – but by the Brisbane Racing Club itself, but by Nifty Nev and his band of jolly green fun-loving, benefit sharing friends, and by his hand-chosen boy and personal Black Caviar of CEO’s Mr Whimpey David George Whimpey.

Or at least that’s what we’re told.

The fix was still in.

Under the present leadership of the BRC the fix is always in.

But there’s a double blind in play, and the fixers have been f*cked by Mr Monteith, who clearly saw them coming a mile away even though in their hubris they obviously didn’t see him, and haven’t until right about now.

F*cking idiots.

It’s the dates Stupid!

Monteith has attached as Appendix 8 of his report a submission that he received from the Brisbane Racing Club as part of his review.

The submission is in the form of a letter dated 27 July 2017 written on BRC letterhead and authored, signed and dated by club Chairman Nifty Neville Bell.

Nifty’s one of those blokes who wear singlets underneath his Pierre Cardin long sleeved business shirt and carry a comb in their pocket that they wet and use to slick their hair just right every time that they go to the dunny. He thinks he’s all that, and really really smart. He might be too; after all he’s made a motza selling real estate in the Caboolture region over the last few decades after starting out with nothing but chutzpa, a bit of spunk and a decided lack of ethics.

But he was dumb enough to let that slip to your author, and to back it up by taking a cheap shot at what in his ignorance he imagined was this writer’s mistaken belief that he was a shareholder or somehow tied up with the quarry South Pacific Sands at Ningi just up the road from his joint a few doors down from the uncle and auntie’s place.

Nifty thought he was real clever playing a double blind, not realising that Archie was playing a triple and knew he’d fall for it, because he’d fallen for the ‘I love Peter Tighe’ trick thinking he was my source of information when I’d never even actually met or spoken to the bloke, and wouldn’t know him even if I fell over him in the street.

You’re an idiot Nifty. Think about it son, and ruminate on it when you are soon put out to pasture. Why would I imagine that South Pacific Sands were the bad guys when they were the company that’s analysis revealing the sand scam Dale Monteith attached as appendix 4 of his report?


I’ll tell you why.

Because you took Monteith for a moron, just the same as you took me for one.

Guess what sunshine?

You were wrong on both counts.

Why is Nifty wrong? How has he misjudged Monteith so badly?

In Nifty’s submission he has been invited to lay out a timeline of events.

Nifty says that the mid-week meeting at which the track played like a bed of marbles was held on the 13th of March 2017.

He is telling the truth.

Nifty says that an emergency meeting of ‘stakeholders’ – the crooks and clowns responsible for the track fiasco, with a couple of stooge trainers and jockeys thrown in for show – was held 2 days later, which makes it the 15th of March 2017.

He is still telling the truth.

Nifty says that 2 days after the meeting – which means on the 17th of March 2017 – the BRC entered into a contract with Evergreen to maintain the track for the next 3 months.


Nifty is lying.


During the course of his report Monteith has mentioned an assessment of the track conducted by a company named Sports Turf Consultants (STC) –  a company that he knows has a long record of excellence in track assessment dating back to the redevelopment of the Caulfield track in the mid 1990’s, and has personally insisted must be part of his review team – and on each occasion that he has referred to STC Monteith has mentioned that their report was handed down on the 24th of March 2017.

That’s the sucker punch.

Then he throws the hook.

The Brisbane Racing Club didn’t enter into a contract with Evergreen on the 17th of March 2017 like Nifty says at all. He’s lying through his f*cking teeth, and the dickhead’s that stupid that he’s put his signature to his perjury and all!

Come in spinner.

Come in Nifty.

Your comb can’t save you now son.

The BRC didn’t enter into a contract with Evergreen until a week later, on the 24th of March 2017.

The day that Sports Turf Consultants hand down their report saying that Evergreen and its scientist John Neylan have been telling huge and deliberate porkie pies, and that track isn’t fine at all, it’s f*cked.

Monteith’s suckered Evergreen as well.

They’ve admitted in their submission that the maintenance contract to fix the track that they’d just f*cked wasn’t entered into until the 24th of March, and they’ve put it in writing too.

Monteith’s attached it as Appendix 1.



The man’s a genius.

He’s book-ended the crooks.

He’s played Evergreen off the break too, because knowing they’re rooted they do what crooks always do as well. They point the finger at someone else – Neylan, the scientist, their own man, who they figure can’t give them up because he’d be giving himself too.

But like all bad crooks they over play their hand.

Evergreen claim that they realised that the track was rooted when they conducted their own assessment independent of Neylan and suddenly discovered that the bastard had been lying to them, and instead of being a cracker the course proper was in fact only a 2 out of 10.

The date Evergreen claim they conducted this assessment out of the blue?

The 23rd of March 2017.

The day before the trusted and fair dinkum analysts Sports Turf Consultant handed down its report saying that Evegreen and Neylan had both been lying and that the track was totally and utterly f*cked.

The day before Evergreen and the BRC entered into a contract giving them sole responsibility for the track for the next 3 months.

The day before this ……..

To be continued