Monteith drops the bomb

It’s a one liner on page 25 of his report and it goes like this

On the day of the ASTC report, 24 March 2017, BRC appointed EG for a 3-month period at a cost in excess of $130,000 to maintain the track leading into the Winter Carnival.

An independent report from an internationally acclaimed sports turf consultant has just been handed down revealing that Evergreen has totally f*cked up the track and that they and their appointed agronomist have been lying about it for months, and on the very same day the Brisbane Racing Club – not RQ, the BRC – award them a 3 month contract worth in excess of $40 000 a month to repair what they falsely claim is damage by the club’s own track staff?

But the job’s under warranty!

The BRC shouldn’t have to pay at all!

Evergreen are legally obliged to fix their f*ck up. They don’t have to be paid to do it at all. They must do it. For free.

Nifty’s in on the fix and has copped back handers from Evergreen.

He has to be, that’s why he’s lied about the date of the contract, there’s no other possible reason for it.

If he admits that Evergreen and the club struck the $130 000 plus contract on the 24th of March 2017 he will have to explain why the repair job is not being done under the warranty that Evergreen have provided as part of their successful tender.

But if he backdates the contract to the 17th of March, and then colludes with Evergreen to falsely claim that they conducted their own independent assessment of the track on the 23rd – six days after they and Nifty say they were awarded the new contract, and the day before the real assessment is handed down finding that the track reports for the past 12 months have been falsified – then the warranty issue is taken out of play.

You can’t claim against a warranty until you know the product you’ve paid for is faulty can you?

And according to Nifty and Evergreen’s false statements neither party found out about the faults in the track until 6 days after the contract had been struck, and they’d discovered that John Neylan was a lying bastard.

Pigs arse.

There was no logical reason on earth for John Neylan to go rogue and submit false reports. What the hell would be in it for him outside of a pay check and perhaps a healthy sling on top from Evergreen.

There is no logical reason for Nifty to lie either, except one.

He’s in on it.

Nifty’s the fixer.

He’s a goddamn lowlife thief and a corrupt as all f*ck crook.

And now he’s committed fraud, and there are documents to prove it.

Do you still love Little Dickie now Nifty?

You f*cked up mate, I saw it in your face.

Now you’re f*cked.

And so you f*cking should be you lowlife thieving grub.


He’s over there!

The bloke with the comb in one hand and the ticket to Singapore in the other!