I’ve written extensively in recent weeks about races being run at Albion Park with huge guaranteed trifecta pools and voiced my strong suspicions – nay, asserted my certainty – that these races are being rigged by drivers and trainers who are colluding to ensure that together they land the lion’s share of the disproportionately large multiple bet pools.

Are they spending $30 odd grand covering every finishing combination excluding the horses they have agreed to knock out so that they can simultaneously make the total $50 000 pools that the Albion Park club are guaranteeing look legitimate, and at the same snare most of the $10 000 jackpots that UBET are so kindly placing in the pot to bump up 20% of the assured $50 000?

Or are punters actually breaking all the known rules of history and wagering science and betting 10 times the amount of the win pool into these bumper multiple pools, and thus allowing the race fixers the luxury of snaffling up the larger share of $50 grand by ensuring that certain horses win, lose or finish in predetermined place positions?

Only the UBET betting records will tell, but I suspect that it’s the former.

I’ve been around tracks and following punting trends for the better part of 40 years, and worked for professional punters placing wagers and analysing betting pools for a number of them, and in all that time I’ve never seen anything like what we are constantly witnessing at Albion Park where the guaranteed pools are ending up at least ten times larger than any other, and more in total than all the other bet type pools put together.

The Rooster – Albion Park Chairman David Fowler – reckons that the pools are fair dinkum, and that the guarantee entices punters to target the late afternoon/early evening mundane harness racing affairs and splurge their always limited punting banks on trying to land the trifecta and first fours at the Creek in preference to betting on Group 1 racing at Randwick or Caulfield.

With all due respect to the Rooster, who I like immensely but wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw, that’s total and utter bullsh*t.

These pools on the first race at Albion Park aren’t fair dinkum, not in a thousand years.

Soon I’ll tell you how and why.

First though I’m off to have brekky with Clip Clop.

I reckon we’ll get along just fine.