You don’t have to take this crap
You don’t have to sit back and relax
You can actually try changing it
I know we’ve always been taught to rely

Upon those in authority 
But you never know until you try
How things just might be 
If we came together so strongly

Are you gonna try to make this work
Or spend your days down in the dirt
You see things can change 
Yes and walls can come tumbling down

Governments crack and systems fall
‘Cause unity is powerful
Lights go out, walls come tumbling down


There’s an article on page 3 of the Brewery-Snail (Courier-Mail) today in which Dessie ‘Does Palasz’ Houghton – a mad alcoholic free piss quaffer and global on the freebie traveler who’d be a great journalist if he wasn’t such a lazy pretend proto-tory comp catcher – decries the fact that the working men and women who work long hours and sacrifice their family and social lives to that they can keep our power on so the lights, fridge, computer, telly, washine machine, microwave, freezer, powered oxygen tank, dialysis machines and out phone chargers don’t go out are now earning almost half of what he does for 12 brutal hours of hard graft on a keyboard stationed on his Vercase designed marble and lace keyboard holder next to the jacuzzi each week.

It’s a f*ckinjg outrage isn’t it sportsfans.

These bastards are paid $65 a day – almost $4 a bloody non-work hour! – to stay off the piss, not go and watch their daughter play in the SEQ Under 12 Netball Championships in Gympie, refuse their mate Archie’s offer of a free weekend in the Fish’s penthouse mansion at Tumblegum above the pub, knock back the all-expenses paid invite to the corporate box at Skilled Stadium for the semi-final, sleep with the phone next to the marital bed, answer it at 4:00 am if it rings even though they’ve only just got back from the last job at 1.30, pull off the franger and chuck on the overalls and then race off to the other side of town to restore a sub-station to make sure that all the old ducks in the retirement home next door don’t drop off the perch when the power on their respirator goes off, and can still have some hot brekky and a cup of tea.

The wife’s dropped the first foal while Sparky’s out on the town in his fluro shirt and carrying a tool box, but that’s irrelevant. This is about saving honest taxpayers a couple of cents a year that if they all pool together will almost buy them a communal copy of the Brewery-Snail that they can share read to learn how much they’re being bloody ripped off.

Sixty-five dollars a day to do no nothing except be available 24 hours a day and be ready to jump out of bed and go out in the dark rain, hail or shine to keep some Queenslanders power supply going!

What an absolute Cedric Rocker this is!

It’s a goddamn outage outrage!

There will be none of this sort of left-wing ideological ‘let’s keep the lights on and cost the Queensland taxpayer 0.0000000000000000000014 centsdfcxe per day’ power security of supply crap when the LNP gets back in, mark Dessie Does Palasz’s words.

Those overall wearing, plier-wielding bastards will be paying us for the privilege of walking down a dark cul-de-sac in Woodridge where the ice dealers live at 3.30 in the morning to fix a 4 year old kid with cancer’s electricity operated chemo machine.

Or at least their boss’s who’ve copped the outsourced contracts after kicking in election donations and slinging back-handers will anyway.

Don’t you worry about that.