Dear Archie,

I tried to call but the number I have is an old one.

(Editors note 1: That’s because I smashed the bastard the last time you tried to have me banged up for contempt Mick. I thought you buggers might have whacked a secret track and tape app on it after the judge ordered me to hand it over for inspection, and was worried you’d hear me talking dirty to my stable of girlfriends and pot me to the missus)

I would like to speak to you if you could make contact please.

(Editors note 2: I did. You don’t want coppers coming knocking on your door wanting to talk to you because you haven’t returned their calls do you? You might be interrupted in the middle of something important, like rooting the missus, or writing racing stories)

I am very pleased you are publicising the outstanding work the Queensland Racing Crime Squad (QRCS) and Queensland Racing Integrity Commission are doing to rid all three racing codes of criminal conduct and misconduct against codes of conduct.

I am embarrassed however by you giving me credit for this outstanding work as that credit is very misplaced and undue.

I commenced as the QRCS portfolio manager in May 2017. The work that has resulted in the outstanding court outcomes and recent arrests all commenced well over a year before I came onto the scene.

The credit for this great work rests directly with Commissioner Ross Barnett and his QRIC investigators, Racing Stewards, and with the members of QPS QRCS led by Detective Sergeant Tracey Pelling.

I just want to make sure credit is given where credit is due, and I am happy to discuss this with you if you wish to make contact.


Detective Inspector Mick Dowie

State Crime Command, QPS.

(Editors note 3: This email has been published unabridged and unedited. With the agreement of the sender of course: he has a gun and pocket full of coercive powers, and besides my Mum brought me up to be polite and respectful to police officers. She reckoned you were more chance of getting bail that way).