We’ve just received news from the Member’s enclosure at Doomben that long-time Foxtel presenter, 263 game National Soccer League legend and passionate racehorse owner Nick Meredith has suffered the ignominy of being escorted from the race course by three uniformed police officers this afternoon.

The incident occurred after the well-respected and totally sober Meredith, who doesn’t drink, bowled up to Whimpey in the member’s area to ask the Brisbane Racing Club CEO why he had been staring daggers at him for the past couple of minutes, and sharp words were exchanged between the pair.

Witnesses are unable to provide the details of the short conversation between Whimpey and Meredith, but we are assured there was no screaming or shouting and that there was no physical altercation between the pair.

We are told that Meredith walked away from the argument and returned to his party of punters, but as his back was turned Whimpey made a beeline to the on-course police and invoking his executive powers as CEO directed the officers to remove the Australian footballing legend and racehorse owner from the track.


The gutless Whimpey Dave fouls Nick Meredith from behind

This is the second such incident in two weeks involving BRC Directors acting like churlish school boys and having long-time members of the club thrown off its race courses simply because they express a dissenting view to the corrupt current regime, and comes on top of the BRC’s refusal to grant this author membership on no other basis than that I have written articles critical – and rightly so – of the Directors and senior management of the club.

These people are bringing Brisbane racing into disrepute by their actions, and if they keep it up soon there will be no racing people left at Eagle Farm or Doomben at all, which of course would be just the way that like it.

Racegoers and punters are a resilient bunch though, and I’m betting that blokes like Nick Meredith – who I played rep soccer with and against as a kid when I was scoring goals faster than Winx can run a furlong and represented Brisbane North, just out of interest – will be here long after the Whimpey Dave’s of the world are gone.

Right now though there is one thing that everyone wants to know.

What is it about the criticism that so upsets the crooked cabal at the BRC that they feel compelled to shut down free speech and use the Qld Police to silence those who are asking the hard questions that they clearly don’t want to answer?

What don’t they want people talking about?

What have they got to hide?