Well f*ck me dead if I’m alive. Just take a Captain Cook at this.

Marshall Dobson is the 61 year old washed up harness racing identity who has been pinged with criminal charges for using accounts opened in false names to bet in numbers he doesn’t personally hold on trot races that only a drunk or a desperate or a bloke in the know would invest a rusty five cent piece on.

Many folk are wondering how Dobson – who if the mail is right is very well named – managed to bet in the amounts cited in the charge, and strongly suggest that he must have been acting as a commission agent and putting the money on for someone else.


Who knows?

One thing that I do know though is that Dobson lives at the address below and has done so since at least 2004.


Another thing I know is that the land on which Dobson’s house is built in used to be a farm, and that a property developer who was later to become one of Queensland’s richest men used to live directly across Fish Creek from the farm, and would gaze at it from his front porch.


What was the bloke on the veranda across the creek from where Dobson’s street would be built’s name?

What do you reckon? Take one guess.

Clip Clop Kev.



People don’t believe me when I tell them how much I actually like Clip Clop. He’s my sort of bloke, in the same way that Russell Crowe was Denzel Washington’s sort of bloke in the movie American Gangster. If Clip Clop fell I’d pick him up, and if he offered me a sling for doing so I’d tell him to stick it up his arse.

Most people don’t get me, and I don’t reckon most people get Clip Clop either. But we get each other, even if our dreams and desires are completely out of alignment. It doesn’t matter though because for blokes like us its really all about the race, not the trophy or the ribbon. That’s girly stuff. Men win. Full stop.

So here we are, and I have a question to pose. Several actually.

Why does Marshall Dobson live in a house in estate built on the old farm across the creek from Clip Clop’s joint?

Who were the share holders in the company that developed the estate? Do either of their names start with K?

Who has Marshall Dobson been putting the big bets on for?

Which company did he open the false account/s with? Are the rumors that it was and then Ladbrokes true? If so, what does Dean ‘Jed/Ned’ Shannon know about the matter, and what (if anything) was his involvement in any of the matters?

Why is Dobson betting up large on the trots in Brisbane and Perth, but not betting at all on the higher standard meetings in NSW and Victoria?

Is it true that Dean Shannon and his associates would bet heavily on Brisbane and WA harness racing during the period that was CEO of Ladbrokes Australia, after his personal holdings had been acquired by the company?

What does the betting on the Albion Park trots coming back out of Perth look like?

Are punters from the west betting large amounts into the guaranteed pool plus a jackpot first race trifecta or First 4 pools?

Why does Marshall Dobson live in a house in estate built on the old farm across the creek from Clip Clop’s joint?

Oh I’ve already asked that one haven’t I?