When a little bird first told me the following story a few weeks ago I thought they must have been just geeing me up, and I dismissed the yarn without even bothering to follow  it up. But yesterday I had cause to speak to a couple of people at Sky Channel, and in the course of those conversations I threw up the issue and was gobsmacked to learn from a very senior bloke who was actually in the room that the tale is 100% true.

So here it is.

Shortly after David Whimpey was appointed to the Brisbane Racing Club CEO role a few years ago he attended a meeting with Sky Channel representatives to discuss the broadcast of that years Brisbane Winter Carnival.

The Sky team were talking about the coverage of Stradbroke day and were tossing ideas around with the experienced BRC crew when Whimpey piped up and said

“Can I ask a question? How do we get the horses over to Straddie?”

I know, I know, but like I said, reliable sources reckon it’s true.

I would have told him that they swim.