The article above was written Queensland’s ‘leading’ turf writer Racin’ Nathan Exelby, and appears as the lead piece in his Sunday-Mail column today.

It is a load of errant nonsense.

There is no ‘turf war’ that has erupted in the project control group overseeing the second attempt at laying grass on sandy dirt at Eagle Farm, and there are no differing schools of thought on whether the new turf should be washed or not and no sticking points either.

Dale Monteith spelled it out in simple language in the recommendations he made in his RQ commissioned and universally accepted report on how to fix the mess and get the Farm racing again.


The new rolls of turf must be washed.

Washed turf reaches maturity far quicker than unwashed turf.

It’s hardly rocket science.


Racin’ Nathan wants you to believe it is though.

He’s telling you that washing the turf before laying it will result in a delay of several weeks to the track work.

He’s lying.

Washing turf is as simple as it sounds. You put the rolls of grass through a machine specially designed for the task – it’s a bit like a car wash – it goes in one end and comes out the other, and it’s all done and dusted in less than 30 seconds per roll.

If you don’t believe me just watch.

There’s no dispute is there?

So it’s question and answer time.

Question: Why does Nathan Exelby assert with equivocation that washing the turf will result in a delay of several weeks?

Answer: For the same reason that he doesn’t tell you that all good quality turf is sold and delivered already washed. Because he is deliberately misleading you.

Question:  Are you saying that Nathan Exelby is lying to his readers?

Answer: Yes

Question: Why would he do such a thing?

Answer: Three weeks ago we published an article on this site showing definitively how Eagle Farm would not be ready to host the 2018 winter carnival, and accusing Racing Qld and the BRC of deceiving the public in regard to the issue. Since then people across the industry have looked closer at the issue and realised that we are right, and fingers are starting to be pointed at the club and the principal control body for totally f*cking things up again and lying about it.

The BRC and RQ are desperately ducking and diving as they run for cover now their deceits have been exposed, and Exelby – whose job should be to report the truth about all things in racing, but for reasons unexplained elects to abandon his professional and ethical obligations and broadcast as fact things he knows not to be true – is acting as their spokesman and forward apologist.

Question: Are you suggesting that Nathan Exelby is willfully and deliberately writing and causing to be published articles and stories that he knows to be factually untrue or incorrect?

Answer: Yes. Acting in collusion with senior officers of the BRC and RQ, Exelby has invented a controversy over the issue of washing or not washing the already washed grass, and is falsely claiming that a delay of several weeks in the track construction will result from a decision to wash the grass.

The reason he is doing so is to provide the BRC and RQ with an excuse for their inevitable failure to meet their promises and projections of resuming Brisbane racing in time for the industry’s premier carnival.His masters want to avoid blame for their lies or sheer incompetence, and the only way they can do so is to project responsibility elsewhere by blaming someone or something else. Exelby is acting as the blame-shifters rent boy.


Question: Is ‘we have to wash the grass’ the worst excuse since the 1960’s date dodger ‘I’d like to kiss you but I just washed my hair?’

Answer: It’s London to a brick on.

Question: Why is Nathan Exelby doing the bidding of the cover-up merchants instead of telling the truth?

Answer: Ask Deano.