Bookmaker pays on all combinations and bets.

Any two in the dub, multiply the odds.

$1.60 – The Rooster sits on the fence in a photo finish

$2.00 – The Tote malfunctions or breaks down

$2.50 – A racegoer who disagrees with Nifty Nev or Whimpey gets thrown off the course

$3.00 – One or more elevators breaks down

$3.20 – The booze runs out

$3.50 – Whimpey Dave goes to Eagle Farm not Doomben

$3.75 – The Giddy Up club signs up a 100 new members

$4.00 – The BRC doesn’t employ enough tote staff and no-one can get their bets on

$4.00 – The air conditioning goes on the blink

$4.50 – A brawl erupts at some stage throughout the day

$5.00 – The food runs out

$12.00 – There is another blackout

$14.00 – A freak thunderstorm hits the course during the afternoon

$20.00 – The course proper fails and is deemed unsafe for racing

$25.00 – The barrier stalls break down or malfunction

$33.00 – A water pipe bursts and floods the track

$250.00 – BRC Director David Dawson lands 2nd city winner in 30 years

$330.00 – The day runs smoothly and without a hitch

$500.00 – The bronzed statue of Buffering wins The Cup

$1000.00 – Archie backs his first Cup winner since he landed two in a row with Saintly and Might and Power in 96/97

$2000.00 – Whimpey Dave wins Australian CEO of the Year award

$5000.00 – Nifty Nev isn’t paying unders for his penthouse apartment at Ascot Green

Good luck, and have a winning day.