What the hell is going on in the Sportsbet advertising department?

Why is the corporate bookmaker so obsessed with a now-obscure, faded one-time drug cheat whose only claim to fame is that he tried to rort his way to a gold medal by getting juiced up to the eyeballs on performance enhancing steroids so that he could pull a low-down, disgraceful swifty on his fellow competitors and break the hearts of sportsfans around the world?

Do they really think that Ben Johnson resonates with their target audience? Not a soul under 30 remembers him or knows who he is, other than that he was the dude who got stripped of a gold medal in the 100m sprint because he was a liar and a cheat.

A liar and a cheat who to this day proclaims that what he did was okay, and moans that he was hard done by and the IOC officials were all racists, which would make for a great story if only the entire field in the 100m final weren’t all black.

You couldn’t think of a worse person to promote your brand in a wagering market place where integrity mean all could you? Not unless you decided to use OJ Simpson or Ben Cousins or Steve Randall the cricket umpire.

CNN nailed it perfectly.


Johnson’s a pariah, and he always will be.

So too will the idiot who made him the centre piece of Sportsbet’s spring carnival advertising, once they manage to drag his kite down from the heights to which it has flown with the assistance of a bucket load of crystalline performance enhancing drugs usually heated and inhaled through glass pipes.

Let’s hope the advertising guru comes down in time for the Lemon Ad of the Year awards, because he’s a moral to win it. Such a good thing that a hundred to one on would be overs and any bookie who bet it strait-jacketed and carted off to the refectory.

Watch it and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Not even steroids can save Sportsbet’s spring.