No you idiots!

Dale Moneith’s report said strip the first 100 millimetres, not the first 100m!

Stop digging or you’ll end up in China.

“What’s that Mum? They may mean that they’ve stripped the first 100m length of the track up in preparation for work on its profile, not that they’re digging the whole track down 100 000 millimetres deep?”

“I can see why you might come to that conclusion luv but nah, it couldn’t be that. Monteith said that you can’t fix the track piece by piece, that you have to rip the whole lot up before you start the next step in the process, otherwise the dud old grass will contaminate the good new green stuff.”

“These people are experts darlin’. They my well have f*cked up more tracks than most of us have had hot dinners, but past adversity has been the essential bump in the road on their journey to success, and besides they’ve learnt from their mistakes.”

“They’re racing the clock to get the track right for the carnival Mum, going absolutely hell for leather for the love of the thoroughbred.  They’re busy men with an important job to do and time’s of the essence. Give ’em a break for a bit will you?”

“They’ve been working for almost an hour!”

“And they’re lonely”


The remedial works to remove the top layer of the Eagle Farm track. It should have been finished 2 months ago, but with one lone truck at the ready they’ve only just begun.