The YouTube video above was commissioned, paid for and published by the Brisbane Racing Club on 28 February 2016.

In this article we look at what Brisbane Racing Club CEO David Whimpey told the public about the Eagle Farm track redevelopment last year, and compare his statements to the known facts.

It isn’t pretty.

Horse sh*t normally ain’t.



Whimpey: (Talking about the infield stables)

The great news is they’re oversubscribed, so we’ve got more trainers wanting stables than there are stables.


Oversubscribed usually means that you don’t have enough supply to fill demand Dave. Flemington has constructed a village of stables accommodating 800 horses. Eagle Farm houses less than 500.

The stables were oversubscribed because there are only enough of them to house the horses of 10 trainers. It would appear that somewhere in the vicinity of $30 million (including tunnel) has been spent to provide these 10 trainers with ‘state of the art’ training facilities, and that the rest of Brisbane’s trainers can eat cake.


Whimpey: (Talking about the Eagle Farm course proper)

Its a sand reinforced profile track. That in itself is a little bit of a first


No it is not a little bit of a first. It is not even a minute fraction of one.

The highly respected StrathAyr company has been building tracks with reinforced sand profiles for 35 years, since at least 1982.

StrathAyr completed constructed the world-renowned Happy Valley track in Hong Kong in 1988. The construction of the Mooney Valley racing surface was completed in 1995.


Whimpey: (talking more about the track, and things about which he hasn’t a clue)

Irrigation technology that can be controlled remotely is a great part of that.

We also have moisture control sensors.


The Monteith Report into what went wrong says it all.

And isn’t it odd how Whimpey Dave so suddenly changed his tune?


Whimpey: (on the track’s ability to withstand racing)

And of course it’s been built for resilience, to be able to bounce back.


Eagle Farm didn’t bounce back.

It’s presently f*cked, just like the good old boys that run it.


Whimpey: (on wet tracks, track ratings and bias)

I’m not allowed to have heavies ….. look I think we’re going to have a very consistent and fair track…


Just a weeks after the interview with Whimpey was conducted that the course condition was inexplicably mirroring that of a heavy track.

The still frames from the video below of the track trial – if you could possibly call it that – undertaken by working Buffering with a companion shows the two horses throwing up huge clods of turf at every point oftheir mid-pace workout. This does not happen on dry tracks.

Whimpey: (on the new bookmaker’s ring and TAB wagering facilities)

We believe we’ll have one of the best betting auditoriums in Australia …


The betting auditorium looks like the one they used to have at the Rocklea Trots.

Thirty years ago.

And the bookmakers to a man loathe and despise the on-course betting ring, describing it as the worst they have ever seen, anywhere.