Over the past month we have been making extremely serious allegations about race-fixing at the Albion Park trots, specifically in relation to the manipulation of those first races of the night that carry an Albion Park Harness Racing Club (APHRC) guaranteed minimum trifecta or First 4 pool of $50 000 or $100 000, extraordinary pools for very ordinary races on ordinary Saturday nights.

The criminal allegations we have made about these matters and the involvement of a number of named industry figures have been backed by a detailed analysis of the running of the races and the tactics employed by the drivers; video replays and still images from the races in question; and reference to sectional times run in the events.

Our interest in the matter, and the issue that lead to our investigations of the running and handling of the races in question, was piqued by the sheer size of the guaranteed pool on a particular exotic bet type in the first race every Saturday night at Albion Park, and by wildly unusual relationships between the size of the win betting pool and the exotic bet type carrying the guaranteed pool.

The whole thing set off flashing red lights and sparked alarm sirens that boomed ‘Wrong, Wrong, Wrong’, and while anyone or any integrity body that ignores sirens and flashing lights isn’t worth a buckled penny, the good ones are and they’d immediately spot the same dead give-away indicators that we spotted and would be having a good look.

As part of that look they will probably also be asking themselves the questions that I am about the seemingly irreconcilable conflicts of interest between Clip Clop Kevin Seymour’s role as Director of the Tatts Group (UBET), Board Member and Treasurer of the APHRC that is guaranteeing wagering pools, harness racing owner and breeder, sponsor and mentor of junior drivers, harness racing award sponsor, owner of a private harness racing series named the Australian Pacing Gold, stud farm proprietor, owner or shareholder of companies that contract to or do business with Tatts, benefactor to the APHRC, political donor, and a whole lot more.

How the hell does Clip Clop get away with it all?

Because he’s built an empire.

Clip Clop Kev is the Emperor of Albion Park, and the (allegedly) benevolent Dictator of Queensland Harness Racing. He is a power all unto himself.

And here’s Archie bloody Butterfly, a nobody from Geebung and an annoying prick to boot, asking stern questions that both question Clip Clop Kev’s impartial and indepent dealings, and challenge his divine right to rule.

The whole ethics, operation and adherence to the rules of the game and the law by the empire has been called into question, and the Emperor cannot be happy.

Well today the Empire Struck Back.

Or its rulers thought it had anyway.

You know what thought thought don’t you?


Well neither did he.

This is the link to an article published on the Racing Queensland website overnight.


The article’s purpose is to deconstruct the published analysis of fixed-races that we have undertaken focusing on driving tactics and using sectional times.

Apparently Archie has it all arse up, and doesn’t know sh*t from clay when it comes to assessing, rating or handicapping harness races.


Are you sure?

Racing Queensland, Tatts Bet, Clip Clop Kev, the APHRC, and a ‘form analyst’ who is really just a fraud named Darren Carter are.

Ha ha ha ha ha.