The author of the above tweet is Nick Meredith, a decorated top-level sportsman, race horse owner, and passionate racing fan.

He has been effectively warned off all Brisbane race tracks for no reason at all, other than that he dared to criticise the racing Reich.

This is a bad joke, or would be if it were even remotely funny.

Warning off is the most serious of punishments in the racing world, one reserved for race fixers and live baiters and ring-in organisers and the like.

For the BRC to invoke a provision of the Liquor Act that exists purely so that publicans can throw an intoxicated or aggressive person out of their licensed establishment and use it against an individual for no reason except that he has annoyed them is an absolute disgrace, and reflects terribly but accurately on the character of all involved in this shameful decision and act.

No doubt next it will be me.

Just try it fellas, I dare you. We’ll be in the Supreme Court before acceptances for the next Saturday, that I promise and 100% guarantee.

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

I’m probably not a good man.

But I’m daylight and another half furlong better than a Nazi, and I’d slit my own throat before I’d roll over and let some pack of self-interested slime bags pervert the freedoms and the great democracy that blokes like my great-grandad died so that I might enjoy.

These blokes who are running the BRC are out of control and have gone mad, and it’s the  fear of exposure that has sent them that way.

I’ve asked it before and I’ll ask it again and I’ll just keep on asking it until someone gives the race-going Sportsfans of the Pineapple State a fair dinkum answer.

What is it these bastards have to hide?