It appears we were only half right in the breaking story we published about soccer legend Nick Meredith being removed from the Doomben race course by security and police last Saturday, and gave the BRC people a whole lot less stick than they deserved.

Meredith wasn’t in the members as out spies reported, and there was no confrontation with BRC CEO Dave Whimpey (pictured above, posing as a rabbit) on the day, although from the tweet republished below that Whimpey sent to Meredith after he had posted criticisms of the state of the Eagle Farm track on his Punters Collective site earlier this year it appears that the CEO has been harbouring an unexplained hostility toward Meredith for some time now, and for reasons entirely of his own had placed a big target on the soccer man’s head.


Sending scornful and semi-abusive messages to a racehorse owner and regular course patron who has done nothing wrong other than justifiably criticise the condition of a cut up unraceable racecourse that cost $10 million is hardly the sort of behaviour you would expect from a Black Caviar-style CEO is it?

As we all know though Whimpey Dave ain’t no Black Caviar. In fact it’s probably fair to say he’s far closer to an Ouroene than a Group 1 winner, and it shows in his petulant schoolboy type behaviour that has led to the long-time Foxtel commentator Meredith sending this complaint about last Saturday’s incident to the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, Racing Queensland and QRIC in the hope that something can be done to pull these drunk with power mob of meat ants  running the BRC up.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I attend the races at Doomben every time there is a race meeting and provide mounting yard information for a large number of subscribers, this is paid employment.

After Race 2 at Doomben today I was approached by a security guard while sitting in the main grandstand. He asked if I was Nick Meredith to which I responded yes. He then informed me I had to leave the course by order of the BRC Committee.

I asked for a reason he said he didn’t know. I asked to see a BRC official for an explanation, Paul Williams the operations manager said it was decided at a board meeting several weeks ago they didn’t approve of my behaviour on course. 

I have had no issue with anyone nor do I consume alcohol during the day. At NO STAGE have I had any conversations with CEO Dave Whimpey.

I was then told by Mr Williams and his associate that under the terms of their liquor licence they can refuse admission to whomever they see fit. Is this the purpose of a liquor /gaming licence to be used arbitrarily against individuals?

I suspect this may be retaliation for social media criticism of their handling of Eagle Farm several months ago.

It is essential for my income that I attend race meetings, if I have done something that would forbid this I would like an explanation.

Every single race meeting it is easy to witness drunken people being constantly served drinks. Isn’t adhering to RSA a requirement of aforementioned liquor licence?

If you could advise on what course of actions are available to me it would be greatly appreciated

Nick Meredith

The use of the Liquor Act provision about banning patrons by the Brisbane Racing Club to bar Nick Meredith, or anyone else, from the course is one of those half-smart ideas that stupid, arrogant people grab with both hands and run with, usually for a sum total of about 5 metres before they fall smack bang flat on their face.

The discretion of publicans or licencees to ban patrons is not an all encompassing power that includes the power to permanently prevent a person entry simply because they don’t like what they write in the mainstream or social media. The veto can only be exercised when the person is drunk, disorderly, violent or otherwise behaving inappropriately on the premises of the licensed venue.


A bloke who doesn’t drink sitting in a grandstand minding his own business is not behaving inappropriately and there are no grounds for removing him from the premises or for permanently barring him from entry to the same premises or any other owned by the licensee in the future.


In fact a couple of legal mates of mine reckon that Nick Meredith has a very sound legal basis to take action for compensation and damages against the BRC for the disgraceful events on Derby Day if he so desires.

Breach of contract, loss of enjoyment, hurt, humiliation, breach of trade, loss of income, unlawful detention, defamation, intentional infliction of distress, conspiracy, injurious falsehood, misrepresentation – these are just some of the possible causes of action available to Mr Meredith, and one must not forget that there are a range of other laws and constitutional provisions that apply to the circumstances of the matter as well.

Given that Mr Meredith has been advised that his removal was ordered by the Directors of the BRC via an alleged approved resolution of the board the respondents to any claim that he may elect to make could well include not only Paul Williams (the BRC executive who effected his removal from the course) and his superior and CEO David Whimpey (under whose authority and direction he was almost certainly acting), but would likely also stretch to including each of the club Directors complicit in the board discussions/resolutions as named parties to the claim.

And all because the little boys in charge of the horsies didn’t like a man saying naughty things about them, even if the naughty things were true. Pretty soon the sook crooks will be putting signs up on the Doomben gate saying FRIENDS ONLY – NO CRITICS ALLOWED and the only people at Doomben on a Saturday race afternoon will be three men, a blind woman, Slippery Sam and his Missus, a couple of Bet Fairy punters, two mud wrestlers, a titty girl, seventeen commission-hungry bank lenders, a mini-bus full of real estate agents, Jeff Kennett, Wilson Tuckey, a couple of fellas from KPMG, six sparrows and a bloke pushing a barrow full of dodgy sand.

What a sad state of affairs it is that Brisbane racing has sunk to such lows. If we had decent prizemoney or affordable stabling or increasing crowds and wagering revenue and the club was debt-free and making money you might almost cop this affront to decency, democracy, free speech and the right of an Aussie bloke or sheila to go to the races and have a punt unmolested by the halfwits who are supposed to be their hosts.

But we don’t.

All we have is a club and an industry sinking further and further into the mire by the minute, and a bunch of non-racing fools steering the ship deeper into the depths of dire trouble by the day. And the mainstream media and the principal control body Racing Queensland just stand and watch them sink.

Oh well, I guess we’ll just turn whatever track we have left after the banks foreclose into a pokie barn and trade 23 hours a day. That’ll fix it all up.

There’s money in them one-armed bandits you know.