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This is the campaign section of the website of Australia’s worst industrial organisation, The Services Union, a dud outfit run by a lawyer who once abandoned the labor movement to chase the cash by advising firms about how to transition their staff to individual contracts, but found that he could not cut it in private practice.

It appears that Neil Henderson – the yellow fanged fellow in the picture at top, and The Lawyer Who Couldn’t Cut It In Private Practice – can’t manage to cut it even in the cloistered sheltered workshop of the semi-public sector union world either.

The poor bugger.

He just can’t seem to get with, with, with it.

servosfrI guess when a bloke’s strike rate in assisting members to resolve legal issues is 1 in a 177 it would be unfair to expect too much.

Except lies.


The union’s free will service is frequently accessed by members.

Zero out of the 106 who made an enquiry by the look of it.

But never fear, Aussie’s worst union outfit headed by a lawyer who couldn’t cut it in private practice made 177 referrals to the law firm it retains last year.

A single, solitary member engaged the union law firm’s services.

That member was an alleged criminal.

With with us?

All the bloody way!