Buffering (above) and an old winners trophy featuring a sculpted model of an unknown horse below.

The resemblance is uncanny.


The $50 000 bronze statue of Buffering at the entrance to the infield at Eagle Farm, with stage 1 of Ascot Green in the back ground (below) and the real Buffering (bottom).

Heathcoate must have cut back on the rations after his start sprinter retired I reckon. Where did the gelding’s big, strong girth and hindquarters disappear to?

The jock’s riding a wee bit long for the modern age too isn’t he? And why doesn’t he have a tighter rein if he’s easing Buff down?

At least Nifty Nev will have a good view of the Buff when he does his Tai Chi on the wrap-around balcony of the penthouse he bought (or so they say) on spec from Mirvac.

Maybe the club could turn the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest semaphore board on eacjhmorning so that they can broadcast Nifty a happy morning message every day. After all he’s he greatest chairman that the BRC has ever had, so he deserves it.