One Nation candidate for Murrumba Scott Dare might think Pauline Hanson’s great, but judging by the bird who’s not a racist’s t-shirt it’s obviously not a two way street.

She’s sticking with Steven.


Our man Smiles, the goofy, giggling ALP candidate who lives 20 miles away from the Murrumba electorate in near CBD Brisbane.

Which if you live in Griffin Heights like my brother does, and you know Miles like I do, is probably far too close. Cooktown would be better, and it’s closer to the reef too.


Smiles was going to save the reef, until he changed his mind or forgot. He does both of things a lot you know, which is why the proud Mt Cootha local standing up for the good folk living in the shadow of the television towers has landed as a candidate in a seat that he hasn’t lived in since he was a kid.

That and the fact that he’s got no ticker, and is looking for a safe seat and a lucrative ministerial life.

Pauline’s sticking with him though.

Go figure.

It’s a shame that her candidate Dare’s preferences might just sink Miles isn’t it?

I guess it would be a blessing really.

It would give the good Doctor more time to tend to the coral and talk to Nemo.

Poor bloody Nemo. The little fella’s probably wondering what the hell he did so wrong that it caused the Gods to send Smiles to save his soul and grant him new life.

But will Smiles have a new political life in Pine Rivers? Or will One Nation preferences send him back to whence he came?

That’s the 64 000 dollar question.

In a few weeks we’ll have an answer.

Pauline’s sticking with him though.

Like glue.

Or dog poo on your shoe.