Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!

Those nutty boys from the Brisbane Racing Club have ballsed it up again.

You know that great sprinter Buffering that the BRC recently spent $50 grand on immortalising in bronze at Eagle Farm? The multiple Group 1 winner interstate and overseas that only won 4 from 9 of his races at the Ascot course, the best of which was a Group 2 on a wet track?

Buffering may well have gone like the clappers over 6 furlongs and given the impression that he had huge cajones but the truth is it was all heart not balls, because Buffering didn’t have any sandbags.

He was a gelding.


The $50 000 statue we spent the crown jewels on still has its wedding tackle intact.

It’s a stallion.

Which means that it can’t be Buffering.


Stone the bloody crows! This is bollocks!

Isn’t there anything this bunch of bean bags running Brisbane Racing into the ground can do right? It’s time they all took a trip to the knackery I reckon.

Perhaps they can take the bronze stallion with them, and get the scallop slicers to give it the ultimate gear change. The BRC boys of course won’t have to bother of course, because they only had one bell and a little dickie to start with.

At least now we know why they’re always firing blanks.

Oh well, every cloud has a silver lining as they say, and I’m sure there’s at least one Rooster at the races who doesn’t mind a good piece of cod or two, even if he doesn’t seem to have any himself.

Goodness gracious though sportsfans.

What a bloody balls up!

Some gonad needs to be fired.