David ‘The Rooster’ Fowler is without a single doubt the most influential racing media personality in Queensland.

Racin’ Nathan Exelby might like to think he holds the title, but his one dimensional role as the paid mouthpiece for Murdoch’s advertisers UBET, Racing Qld and the BRC doesn’t hold a candle to The Rooster’s multi-faceted roles in the industry as second tier race caller, Chairman of the cash haemorrhaging Albion Park Harness Racing Club, radio and television program host, turf journalist, racing writer and commentator for websites, compere extraordinaire, tour host, and all round racing bon vivant.

In the Mainstream Media Stakes run at a heavy Weight For Age scale it’s Fowler first, and daylight and Racin’ Nathan second and third, and with that accolade and status comes obligation and responsibility.

Obligation to be impartial in your reporting and commentary, and to serve the interests of the industry that relies on you for knowledge and information rather than the paymasters and power brokers who don’t want the punters to have it.

Responsibility to do your job diligently and fearlessly, to ask the hard questions when they are required, and to tell the general public the truth. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them racing God.

The Rooster has failed on all counts over the past couple of months since we started raising serious issues about the administration and conduct of gallops and harness racing on this site.

After briefly touching on our disclosures during his much listened to Monday morning signature program on Radio 4TAB – aka UBETcha All Suckers – The Rooster was reportedly summoned to an urgent breakfast meeting and slapped down by BRC Chairman Nifty Nev Bell, the man who holds both the keys to the race caller’s box at Doomben and the cheque book to pay the desperate punter picking photo finishes wrong inside the booth.

Since that time The Rooster has neither cocked nor crowed, and the wall of silence he has put up has been deafening. Not even our dead accurate accusations of flagrant conflicts of interest have sparked a response from the feathered one, who these days delights in telling anyone who will listen that he doesn’t read or listen to anything that determined trouble maker Archie Butterly has to write or say, even though the whole world knows that is not the truth and that The Rooster is in fact one of first readers of itsnotnormalisit.com each day and scans out stories before he even puts the coffee machine on or picks up his free copy of the Courier-Mail.


The Rooster (or bantam) back when he still had feathers to comb

There’s an old saying that “Cometh the hour, Cometh the man”, and given that The Rooster knows more than somewhat about coming I’m certain that he knows what the expression means.

Which is fortuitous, and saves explanation, for today The Rooster’s day cometh, and the only question now is will he?

Will The Rooster raise the Nick Meredith racetrack ejection on his radio show today?

Will Dirty Dave begin to probe the financial mismanagement of the BRC by its current crop of covetous Directors and senior management, and start asking questions about how on earth these blokes expect the club to pay its ever-increasing bills at a time when the absence of an Eagle Farm track is driving revenue down through the floor?

Will the gaily plumed gadabout put his special guest the Racing Minister Grace ‘Gee Gee’ Grace to the sword, and quiz her hard about just what the hell is going on in Queensland Racing right now, and what the agenda and long term plans are.

Is David Fowler really a bold rooster rooting for racing?

Or is he simply a submissive little bantam chicken?

We will find out shortly sportsfans.

Watch this space.

A cock, a dude, will do!