I have been banging on for a while now about the extraordinary pools on particular exotic bet types on the first race at the Albion Park trots every Saturday night and I will keep banging on about it until we get some answers too.

Walk into any TAB or on to any racetrack in the land and ask the wizened punters whiling away their days and somebody else’s money inside whether they believe that the disproportionately large sums going into the nominated exotic bet type on these races is fair dinkum and watch them fall onto the floor laughing.

There is no other place in the Wide Brown Land where an exotic bet type pool is consistently ten times the size of the pool for the most popular Win type betting. Nowhere. It just doesn’t happen.

So what’s going on?

Someone is artificially inflating the pools by placing large combination bets covering most if not all of the runners in each race. They must by the law of mathematics lose on their over all bets on the race, because the TAB – or more correctly UBET, owned by Tatts – takes up to 25% as a commission on each race.

So why would anyone bet in huge sums knowing that they are destined to lose?

There are three possibilities, and the answer may be any one or a combination of any of the three.

They are:

1. The person has inside information about race fixing and knows that despite the UBET rake they are still going to win, because thanks to the race rorting they are certain to snare most of the other mug punters investments, plus pocket a large portion of the generously allocated extra $10 000 jackpot pool.

2. By way of their share holdings in Tatts the person has a large enough financial interest to ensure that profits or gains made by even fractional increases in the company’s share price and/or dividends immensely outstrip their losses on the exotic bets at Albion Park.

3. The person has a personal interest in the continued operation of harness racing at Albion Park or racing run by other clubs or associations under their control, and the value of this personal interest to them is of more worth than their losses on the bets that they have made on race 1 at Albion Park.

Here are the figures on the Win – Exotic pool ratios from the past 3 weeks on the last race at the Doomben gallops meeting and the first race at the Albion Park trots each Saturday. Both races carry guaranteed exotic bet type pools.

Spot the difference,

Then ask yourself why.

11 November 2017

Doomben Race 9 – $100 000 Guaranteed Trifecta Pool

Win $91 518 – Trifecta $128 225

Albion Park Race 1 – $50 000 Guaranteed Trifecta Pool

Win $8 917 – Trifecta $70 019


4 November 2017

Doomben Race 9 – $100 000 Guaranteed Trifecta Pool

Win $146 709 – Tri $130 009

Albion Park Race 1 – $50 000 Guaranteed First Four Pool

Win $6 800 – First Four $55 135


28 October 2017

Doomben Race 10 – $100 000 Guaranteed Trifecta Pool

Win $108 525 – Trifecta $111 527

Albion Park Race 1 – $50 000 Guaranteed Trifecta Pool

Win $9 379 – Trifecta $60 699