This lovely happy snap of a bunch of union officials, Labor hacks and young wannabes features prominently on the ALP State Election website.

There’s a problem with the lovely photograph though.

Can you pick it?

It’s the election signs being held up for Lamb and Chalmers. They aren’t running for election in the State poll, and for a very good reason too.

That reason is that the pair are Members of the Federal Parliament.

Well Lamb is for now anyway.

Gee I’d hate to be the ALP Secretary Evan Moorhead in a few days time. Not because he ballsed it up in approving this particular piece of State Election material that includes Federal Members, but because he totally stuffed up big time by not submitting Lamb’s revocation of her UK citizenship prior to the election nominations closing and as a result has ensured that she is about to lose her job any time soon.


It’s a crying shame because Lamb has worked her guts out to get where she is – trust me I know, I used to be her boss and encouraged her strongly to pursue her political dreams – and her rise from part time teacher aide not that many years ago to being elected to a seat in the nation’s lower house is one of the great Australian success stories.

Lamb doesn’t deserve what’s about to happen to her, but Moorehead does even if he won’t get it until after the State Election.¬†Mistakes like this are unforgivable, and the ALP State Secretary’s fate is assured, take it from me.

The way he’s been running Labor’s Queensland election campaign he won’t be any loss.