Most punters will have read or heard by now about the jailing of Sherwin Financial Services and Wickham Securities swindler Brad Sherwin, the grub who was charged with and in a lawyers deal plead guilty to stealing $10 million of clients money from self-managed superannuation funds.

Sherwin actually stole a whole lot more – up to $60 million – but because of the agreement struck between his lawyers and the prosecution will never face trial for the other $50 million, and as a result will serve only four years for his massive crimes that have ruined many hundreds of lives.

A homeless aboriginal petrol sniffer walks into a milk bar off his head on fumes and threatens the shopkeeper with a butter knife and cops 10 years for armed robbery and serves 8 because it’s classified a violent offence.

Sherwin steals tens of millions of dollars of older Australians life savings with a smile and gets the same sentence, but because there’s no violence involved – you only get that in the spate of suicides by his victims – he only has to serve the 4 years.

Justice for all?

Yeah right.

Among Sherwin’s multitude of victims were at least three very senior and highly respected Queensland Racing Integrity Commission stewards who are believed to have lost sums ranging from $100 000 to $500 000 after being conned by the fraudster into investing their savings and superannuation into supposedly higher performing self-managed (by Storm Financial) funds that didn’t perform at all because they were nothing but a con job from the jump.

These poor buggers have been left with nothing but their pay cheques and the shirts on their backs as a result of this greedy bullsh*tting bastard’s thefts, and will probably have to work until they die instead of enjoying the long dreamed about slow trip in a campervan around Australia or world cruise, and it’s a fair bet they are feeling terrible that due to Sherwin’s crimes they won’t be able to give their kids and grandkids that sling to kick start them in life that they had worked so hard in the hope of doing.

It’s just not bloody fair is it?

Crime never is, which is why I rail so hard against crooks and corrupt officials and dopers and race fixers and every other manner of miscreant involved in racing, politics, business, clubs charities, or unions who pull rorts that cost innocent people their dough. There is no place for them anywhere in my book, and they deserve to be outed and punished for the misery that they have caused to others who’ve done nothing wrong but trust them to do the right thing.

I just wonder how the fellow steward who tipped his colleagues into Sherwin’s businesses and copped a decent-sized spotters fee from the crook for their efforts. No doubt they lost money too – or at least I hope they did because it would be might wrong of them to be tipping their mates into a horse that they haven’t backed – but I reckon you must be able to cut the air with a knife in the steward’s room right now

It’s been an absolute sh*t of a day for Queensland stewards, and it’s black armbands all round at QRIC headquarters on this Blackest of Tuesdays for the men and women who strive to keep racing clean.

Let’s just hope Sherwin does it tough in jail. Perhaps they can pair him up with Ron Maund in a cell and the two of them can see which one can tell the biggest lies. It’d be even money each of two on my board.