Yesterday morning we laid down the challenge to Dirty Dave Fowler –  the Brisbane racecaller who struggles with photo finishes, Albion Park Harness Racing Club Chairman and so-called racing journalist – to step up and actually address the issues facing Brisbane Racing on his popular weekly Press Room radio program.

Would Fowler show the courage to question the financial ineptitude of his masters in thoroughbred and harness racing?

Would he raise the ugly spectre of racing Nazism sweeping across the Doomben track, where the Dictators of the BRC board are denying devotees of the sport like me membership, and throwing keen racegoers and owners like soccer legend Nick Meredith and long-time Licencees Assistance Association lawyer and racehorse owner Sean Fox – a third generation BRC member whose parents owned Gunsynd’s Group race winning full brother Sunset Red – off the track, simply because they question the club’s decisions and direction?

Would he raise the issue of the inexplicably large club-guaranteed exotic pools on race 1 at Albion Park each week, and address the ugly spectre of race fixing?

Would he be a Rooster, or would he prove to be a mere bantam?

The verdict?

Fowler is a bantam.

Chicken little.

He didn’t address a single one of the myriad of issues facing the two codes on his program; didn’t say a single word about them. Instead he used half of his one hour program to systematically kiss and lick every inch of the inept Racing Minister Grace ‘Gee Gee’ Grace’s arse, including misleading listeners by positively asserting the benefits and uses of Labor’s $70 million over 4 years cash injection into country racing, even though no actual details of how the money spent have been provided by the ALP.

Another quarter of his program was spent waxing lyrical about bullsh*t with his partner in racing journalism crime Racin’ Nathan Exelby, with the pair of reality deniers protecting their well-paid cushy wickets by talking about everything but the problems in Brisbane racing, and then for the remaining quarter of the show the Bantam just waffled on with nonsense as he is so often wont to do.

What a great shame it is that racing industry participants and fans in BrisVegas don’t have a mainstream media champion prepared to put the future of the industry ahead of their own interests and those of their paymasters.

In fact its not just a shame, it’s a goddamn disgrace for if no-one is prepared to call the Brisbane Racing Club Directors and Management to account then what hope do we have of any accountability and transparency in these property developers and real estate spivs with no real interest in the sport’s spending of hundreds of millions of dollars of money that isn’t theirs?

The simple answer is none.

Of course the Bantam can’t probe the emerging race fixing and dodged up exotic pools scandals in harness racing because he heads the club that is at the epicentre of the allegations of criminality in the industry, and thus has not only a massive conflict of interest but also arguably some culpability for the illegal and unethical chicanery being pulled by some of harness racing’s most prominent figures.

What a shame this void of reporting and real journalism is for the racing people of the River City. Fortunately though there is a real alternative, and you’re reading it right now.

Someone has to keep the bastards honest don’t they?

Here’s looking at you kid.