Our mail is that the 73 year old ‘man’ who attacked 2 stewards was the drug cheat Ron Maund (above), the bloke who in the 90’s had gear that could keep horses like Gold Edition trucking and winning week after week like it was Superwoman.

Maund famously quit racing in 2009 after putting on a dummy spit of gigantic portions when he was disqualified for 12 months after being busted administering the banned steroid hydrocortisone to one of his horses named Pelltro who was swabbed when racing up at the Sunshine Coast, but the word around the tracks is that his “I’ll never train in Queensland again, the bastards have driven me out of game” claim was just bullsh*t, and that he has been preparing horses under the name of registered trainer Lex Fraser, Maund’s long-time stable worker back in the days when he held a permit.


This unregistered training of horses was apparently the reason that stewards were up paying a surprise visit to Fraser’s property, and the reports are that when they sprung Maund directing traffic as the horses were working out on the track he reacted in his usual volatile, aggressive manner and attacked the racing integrity officials in a manner that will soon be the subject of criminal charges.

Maund has form for violence even at his advancing age, and it was only a couple of months ago that he struck a stable hand named John Brassington with a lead rope, setting off a chain of retaliatory violence that saw Brassington landed with a 4 month disqualification after reacting by punching Maund several times. I for one hope it hurt, but in a way Maund – who seems to be universally disliked by other licencees – was very fortunate  that Brassington hit him because it enabled the aggressor to play the poor victim and escape with a mere $400 fine for his role in the fracas.


Due to his own misguided and utterly disgusting actions he won’t be so lucky this time, and if you ever hope to see Maund step on a race track ever again I can 100% assure you that you are going to be sadly disappointed.

And bloody good too. Racing doesn’t need people like Ron Maund.

Such is Life.

Maund will be getting it.