The tip line has been running hot since we published a story a few days ago about Scot Dare, the One Nation candidate for Murrumba, and the mail we are receiving from all points is that the bloke who sells advertising for TMPG – the publishers of Racing Queensland’s Race and Pace magazines – and wants to knock over Labor’s ship-jumping candidate Smiles might be a cheap cost-saving alternative as an MP.

The story is that apparently – for reasons unknown – Dare is unable to travel overseas due to issues gaining passport endorsement and visas to foreign countries. We can’t enlighten you any further about the reason for the One Nation man’s inability to travel, other than to say that a search of the insolvency records shows that the restrictions are not caused by bankruptcy.

Gee I wonder what the reason could be?

Perhaps Mr Dare is simply afraid of flying high.

Or perhaps not.

We’ll leave it at that for now.