At the ripe old age of 73 the shifty f*cking c*nt’s pulled one last rort and sting.

They’ve got him for it and he knows it, and he also knows its the end but doesn’t give a flying f*ck, in fact I think he’s got such a big red sized devil inside him that he perversely enjoys it.

I’m talking about Ron Maund of course, and I’m talking about him hitting a horse that’s been going like a donkey because it is up with super juice on Saturday night at Toowoomba and backing it around Australia from $41 into $5.50.

The race is the video at the top of the screen.

This is the field.


The horse we are looking at is the one that Maund needled or tubed then plunged and won a motza on.

It is General Cos, in these colors.


This is its form coming into the race, and don’t be fooled by its 3rd at Dalby last start.

Class B handicaps are bush events of the third lowest grade possible in racing, and General Cos’ third in that event rated 2 points inferior to my girl Laura’s mount that won a Maiden at Kilcoy at its last run, and started 20-1 in this race.


This horse is a cat.

I couldn’t get its Dalby video but I have watched its Toowoomba and Gold Coast runs and they are absolute Cedric Rockers, and by a simple glance at the form guide none of its other runs are either.

There is no way this horse could win the Toowoomba race on form.

It bolted in by 5 lengths running away.

Maund backed it for a fortune and got the lot.

At least 2 of his family members who shared in the ownership of the horse picked up a prize money cheque.

Trainer Lex ‘Fourex With a Bundy Chaser’ Fraser got hauled in to the stewards room for a please explain.

Even if his horse hadn’t turned its exposed form around by 10-15 lengths, the fact that Fourex With a Bundy Chaser hadn’t trained a winner anywhere for 14 months, and that General Cos’ 3rd at Dalby was the first placegetter’s prizemoney his stable had collected from its past 50 starters would be a fair reason to call Ron Maund’s long time stable worker turned hopeless trainer in to provide an explanation.

This was it.


The stewards noted it.

But they didn’t believe it.

That’s why they were up over the range and sou-west of Toowoomba in the back blocks of Southbrook at Hazelwood Stud today looking for Ron Maund.

I bet the 2 poor bastards who copped it in the eyes and had their car keys pinched wished that they hadn’t found him.

My mug punter’s opinion is that the reason Maund has done what he’s done is either that he had the juice on him, or alternatively that he just wanted to say f*ck you to the stewards and to racing and didn’t give a rats arse about the consequences, and I reckon it’s even money each of the two.

He’s f*cked now though, a wanted criminal on the run.

I’d be making the application to freeze his bank accounts and all of he and his wife’s assets right now if I was the QRIC coppers, and I’d just be hoping that the idiot lawyers who cost them and us $25 000 grand chasing rainbows last week (story to follow) had enough skill to draft a basic application outlining enough facts that it will be accepted in the court.

Know what though?

I reckon Copper Commissioner in Waiting Mick Dowie and his team are already one step ahead of me.

Run Ron, Run, and don’t stop son. Just scull down some of that go-go juice and you’ll be able to run forever, just General Cos can. You won’t drop.

Until you do.

Bye bye sucker.

You’re a f*cking grub.