The young bloke on the left who can’t even iron his short or tuck it in properly might very well be running a multi billion dollar business in a few weeks time.


What you are reading above is an extract from the Hansard record of the House of Broken Dreams (Queensland Parliament) on the 21st of April 2016, just 19 months ago.

The politicians are debating the Racing Integrity Bill and Jon Krause – who just a few weeks later would become the LNP spokesperson for Racing, and is an automatic selection as Racing Minister should his party win government – has just been asked a Dorothy Dixer (a rehearsed or planted question) by his colleague Ian Rickus.

Rickus, who is the member for Lockyer, obviously doesn’t have a clue about racing because he is claiming that there are 120 racehorse trainers in Beaudesert, which is a bit like saying that there’s a 48 story skyscraper above Lake Eyre.

Puh-lease! There are less than 380 trainers in the whole of South-East Queensland. What are the chances of a third of them coming from a small non-TAB track with sh*thouse training facilities in the arse end of nowhere?

Zero, that’s what.

Know how many trainers there are in Beaudesert?


Jon Krause the former in-house junior lawyer for NAB is the clown who may just be running racing in a few week’s time, so you would expect him to at least have a basic understanding of the industry wouldn’t you? At the very least you’d think that he would be right across the industry as it operates in his own electorate.

When his mate proclaimed that there were 120 trainers in Beaudesert the Racing Minister in Waiting said yes, there was something like that. There were ‘a great many trainers’ the little chap with the big ambitions said.

Since when is 20 a great number?

And does Jon Krause have any idea at all that at least 15 of the 20 are part-timers with a day job, one or two horses, and whole lot of dreams?

Of course he doesn’t.

It’s blindingly obvious.

Krause – the 5/4 favorite to be the head of the whole industry before Christmas – doesn’t actually know a goddamn f*cking thing about racing.

Yet if the LNP win Government he’ll the master of the whole crazy circus.

God help us all.

Where’s Big Russ when you bloody need him?