A better future for racing? As my old mate from Gympie would say – Yeah Good!

I have taken a good look at the LNP’s racing policy this afternoon, and let  me tell you that unless you live in a rural electorate housing a non-TAB country race club and track it is an unmitigated and utter piece of sh*t.

It’s a dud and a lemon, an absolute Cedric Rocker of a package that is nothing more than a return to pork barrel days of Queensland under Joh’s rule, a shallow and cynical exercise that is designed by the LNP not for the benefit of the racing industry, but purely so they can shore up their rural and regional seats in the face of potential serious challenges from the purportedly surging One Nation.

Do you know what South East Queensland racing gets under this deal?

Two-thirds of six-tenths of eighteen-sixty thirds of sweet f*ck all, that’s what.

$7.5 million over four years.

Not PER year, all up. Seven and a half lousy million dollars.

A miserable $1.75 million a year.


Racing Queensland distributes $125.3 million in prize money among the various racing clubs and codes each year.

The current CPI – inflation – is running at 1.8%.

1.8% of $125.3 million is $2.26 million.

The LNP are offering Queensland racing a boost to prize money that is less than the inflation amount on the sum already paid. In real terms it is proposing a REDUCTION in prize money as prize increases gobble up the paltry sum flicked to the peasants who earn the state hundreds of millions by being involved in the racing industry.

It’s nothing but a f*cking joke.

If you tool all of the $1.875 million and used it purely for prize money and nothing else, and applied equally across each of the 3226 TAB meetings run annually in Queensland it would result in an increase of just $581 to the purse of each race. If it were applied across both TAB and non-TAB meetings the prize money increase would be $408 per race.

Gai and Adrian won’t be able to get out of Sydney and up to BrisVegas to relocate their stables quick enough to chase their ten percent of the newly bulked up purse will they? Just imagine if the dynamic duo trained the first to fifth placegetters in a Doomben maiden. What on earth would they do with the extra $58.10? It’d be some sort of party that night wouldn’t it?

There’s some bad news for Bott and Waterhouse though: they’re not getting their share of the whole $1.875 million. A stack of it is going to apportioned to breeders bonuses. Breeders live in LNP seats you see.

How much are they going to give their mates in the bush seats?

Who knows? Tim Nicholls and his moron of a Racing Minister in waiting Jon Krause – who truly believes that there are 120 race horse trainers operating out of Beaudesert – aren’t saying.


“This grey filly is trained in BAAAdesert you know Tim”.

Just like Nicholls, Krause and the LNP are not saying where the LNP is going to get the $105 million from that they intend to spend 93% of on country racing clubs that return no wagering dividend at all to Queensland racing.

I said earlier that this is just a f*cking joke, but I’ve revised my opinion. It’s actually a goddamn nightmare.

If the LNP are elected and put this bullsh*t policy into place Queensland racing is going to be set back another 20 years, and the industry north of the Tweed River will simply be a laughing stock among race fans across the nation.

It’s hard to believe that the LNP would deliver such a huge kick in the guts to one of the main industries in the party’s own leader Tim Nicholls electorate.

You can only surmise that Jon Krause is working in tandem with Nicholls deputy Deb Frecklington to try to unseat their party’s leader and seize power all for themselves. It’s a dirty game politics, and there are more double players than you’d find in the Doombem broadcast box on a Saturday afternoon, although if there were a pair of binocular wearing bantams up there in the top stand instead of just one little chicken then it would be a real close run race.

The LNP strategists obviously reckon that they’ve got this election in the bag, that’s why they have put out a racing policy of such incredible ineptitude.

The plan is clearly to sandbag all the currently held seats, say and do nothing controversial, sit back and wait for Labor to fall over in a couple of seats and then Bingo! They’re back in power and the sell off of any State-owned assets left after Anna the First is on all over again, and second go around you can be assured that the LNP won’t be mucking around or wasting any time.

Which means bye-bye Eagle Farm, and thanks for all the memories.

Don’t despair and start selling off your stables and your racing stock right just yet though Sportsfans, because never forget that this is the mob whose brains trust truly believed that they would come out of the last election with a 25 seat majority, and we all know what happened then, and if you don’t just ask Can-Do Campbell Newman why he’s a media commentator these days instead of being in charge of all the pineapples.

It’s a long two furlongs to the post punters, and with One Nation peeling 60 plus percent of their votes from the LNP and less than 20% from Labor only a stupid investor would be believing the bored army of reporters from the Brewery-Snail’s made up to fill space in the paper stories about Pauline’s preferences sweeping the Tories back to power.

There’s a new mug born every day sportsfans.

Most of them just happen to be power brokers in the LNP.