Poor old Peter Gleeson, the editor of the Sunday Mail. I pity the poor bugger.

The one-time wunderkind of the ‘weaseling up to newspaper power brokers with the aim of becoming a Murdoch management stooge’ world has really hit the brick wall hasn’t he?

First Rupert rejected him and thwarted his ambition to edit the Courier-Mail.

Then is beloved live baiting bastard of a greyhound industry got sprung committing its regular atrocities against poor defenseless native animals, and was badly – but thanks to the efforts of Gleeson and his cabal of fellow animal abuse deniers and facilitators, not irrevocably – damaged.

Then Can Do Campbell Newman -Gleeson’s five foot six Superman-like hero sans cape – ran aground on a reef of kryptonite, otherwise known as voter anger.

And now he’s gone and backed the wrong horse by penning a pathetic long-winded, lie-ridden polemic to a public that only he believes reads editorials written by wankers while scoffing down their Sultana Bran on a Sunday morning.


This Sunday Mail editing slob who wears weird necklaces and can’t even tuck his shirt in properly dares to purport to tell you how to vote next Saturday. Only an idiot would listen.

No-one cares Pedro, no one but me, and that’s only because I’m a kind soul with so much spare time on my hands that I can afford to waste a bit of it reading brazenly deceptive bulldust and disseminating it.

Given that I’m absolutely certain that less than 10 percent of Sunday Mail readers bother to even glance at what the sub-class fish and chip wrapper’s career-stalled Editor has to say let’s do the idiot a good Sabbath deed a dissect his analysis by concentrating on the main thrusts on his misdirected key poins shall we?

1. Credit Rating

In Gleeson’s feverish imagination the cause of what he sees as all of Queensland’s ills is the 2009 downgrade of our State’s credit rating by two foreign private sector agencies, Standard and Poors and Moody’s.

Eight years ago the State went from a triple A rating to a double A plus – the same rating held by world superpower the United States of America and financial powerhouse Hong Kong, and one level higher than that of the United Kingdom, just out of interest – and according to Gleeson dark fiscal shadows emerged and blanked the pineapple fields from the Tweed to the Torres Strait and everywhere in between.

And here I was thinking they were just rain clouds. Silly old me.

There’s one slight problem though Pete: the LNP were in Government from 2012 to 2015 and our credit rating wasn’t upgraded. If they couldn’t do it then, what makes you so sure that they can do it now fella?

2. Unemployment

Despite Gleeson’s fact free alarmist nonsense Queensland’s unemployment rate is with 0.2% of every State in Australia except that of New South Wales.

So where’s the problem?


3. Public Sector Growth

Gleeson bemoans the fact that the Labor Government has increased the public sector workforce by 15 000 during its three years in power.

He neglects to mention that Can Do cut almost 20 000 public servants, and left the provision of services to Queenslanders in disarray.

Importantly, Gleeson fails to inform you that the growth in the public service have been in the Departments of Health and Education, and in the Queensland Police Force.


More doctors.

More nurses.

More teachers.

More police on the streets.

What the hell is wrong with that? Aren’t the provision of schools and hospitals, and the maintenance of public safety three of the core roles and responsibilities of any government?

Weren’t increased numbers of professionals in each of these three areas core promises made by both parties at the last election?

WTF is Gleeson on about?

What is he on?

4. State Tax Regime

Gleeson strongly infers that Queensland is a high tax State, although he is careful to use language that allows him to paint this picture without actually stating it.

This is a deliberate tactic employed by the Sunday-Mail Editor to avoid opening the issue up for scrutiny and debate, because Gleeson knows as well as I do – and as well as you will in about 17 seconds – that what he wants you to believe is absolutely untrue.

Here – check this out. It’s a 2017 economic analysis conducted by the Australian Industry Group, the sworn enemies of Labor.


High tax regime?

I don’t think so.

Nor do the Australian Industry Group.

The disingenuous Gleeson is leading his readers down the garden path, and deliberately too. If that’s journalism I’m a monkey’s arse, rather than just a half-mad failed punter from Geebung.

5. Adani

Work out the Sunday Mail Editor’s position on this one if you can.

In one sentence Gleeson says – quite correctly – that few people support propping up Indian conglomerates with special loans, but then in the next few paragraphs he unmercifully attacks Palaszczuk for not giving granting Adani a special loan.

A thousand million dollar loan mind you.

“Why would anyone deprive a multinational a loan?” the imbecile in charge of shaping public opinion through his editorial decisions asks, and then the halfwit cements his status as an ignorant fool by declaring that “It was a loan, not a grant. It must be paid back”.

No it doesn’t Peter.

Multi-national companies aren’t governed by the laws of Australia, except when they are operating here, so if Adani wanted to default by taking our money and running all the company would need to do is close the doors and exit stage left, and there would be not a single thing we could do other than complain because there is no international debt court that could help us recover our cash.

You’d think a senior journalist with 30 years experience would understand this, for the failure to pay debts, tributes or reparations has been the direct or indirect cause of a large number of global conflicts, including World War Two but dating all the way back to antiquity. The simple and very well-established fact of the matter is that there is no way to collect money owed by foreign companies other than to recoup it by force.

Why doesn’t Gleeson set aside all the bullsh*t and ask the really fundamental question?

Why does Adani, the eponymous company owned by Gautum Adani, one of India’s richest men who has a personal wealth of nine billion dollars, require a loan of one billion dollars to build infrastructure for a project that will reap them gazillions in profit by flogging our natural resources and selling them to government’s abroad?

The easy answer is that they don’t require the dough at all.

Adani is simply trying to con our State Government into paying all the bills, and has no intention of paying a cent back ever, at least not a nickel beyond the ‘come in spinner’ cash that they will keep recycling from the loan until the well runs dry and the Indian outfit’s credit gets cut off, and then it’s all ours.

I haven’t even started yet on the stupidity of the State government even contemplating expanding a port located smack bang on the Barrier Reef and allowing the company using it to export a huge ship load of coal that will wreck our waterways and ruin parts of our environment forever in the case that it sinks or is involved in an accident.

It’s self evident though, just as Adani’s pitch for Government  – our – cash.

Labor won’t lose a single vote over the Adani decision. In fact they are highly likely to regain quite a number, and it might just tip this knife’s edge election their way. But Gleeson will never be able to regain his credibility as a journalist (if of course he ever had any) for by his own hand the Editor has exposed his deep intellectual vacuity, and branded himself for all time as a highly partisan poor excuse for a fourth columnist.

His stated position on One Nation – jump into bed with the bigoted bastards as quickly as you can – and his unstated yearning to return to the bad old days of Joh-era ‘entrepreneurial and frontier style spirit’ render him unfit to even call himself a fair-dinkum journalist, let alone to edit Queensland’s highest selling weekly newspaper (which is unsurprising given that of course its our State’s only one).

Peter Gleeson, you’re nothing but a joke.

It’s time you gave the newspaper game away and went back to what you’re really good at old son.

Just remind me, what was that again?