A good mate of mine just contacted me to ask who the Flick ‘Em mob that are putting these hyper-expensive full page newspaper and TV ads all about the place urging you to put the established mainstream political parties last are, and to find out who exactly was financing them.

I went and had a look, and this is what I found.

The website putthemajorslast.com.au is owned by a company named the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia Limited.


In the wake of the recent spate of mass murders perpetrated by armed to the teeth lone gunman in Las Vegas and beyond it’s a bit of a worry that a group like this who are the Antipodean brethren of the American National Rifle Association (NRA) are attempting to influence the outcome of Queensland’s election isn’t it?

So who exactly are the Shooting Foundation of Australia?

Gun dealers.

Victorian gun dealers.


The registered address for the company is 65 Hays Rd Moolap in Victoria.

This is the address of the Australian office of the arms dealers and gun and ammunition manufacturers Winchester.

These blokes below are the company’s Directors.


Clive Robert Pugh is the Director and General Manager of the Australian arm of the well-known multinational firearm and ammunition dealer Winchester, they of repeating rifle fame.

Luca Scribani Rossi is the Managing-Director of the Australian branch of Beretta, the company famous for making deadly handguns of the variety used by Bruce Willis to kill all the bad guys in the Die Hard movies.

Joshua William (Josh) Raymond is the Managing-Director of a company called Raytrade, an online armaments dealer.

Raymond and Rossi are the President and Vice-President respectively of the Firearm Traders Association of Victoria, a lobby group for the gun merchants.

Daniel Galea is the Managing Director of the deceptively named Outdoor Sporting Agencies, a Victorian based gun dealer that sells guns and ammo to firearm stores around Australia.

Robert John Noia – the President of the Queensland Firearm Dealers Association and Vice-President of the national body – is the Managing Director of the self named company NIOA, Australia’s biggest arms dealer and a beneficiary of a number of lucrative government contracts during the period a couple of years ago when Katter and his allies held the balance of power in Federal Parliament.

This is no coincidence, for Noia is married to Bob Katter’s daughter – Robbie Katter’s sister – and is by far and away the largest financial supporter of KAP, having donated upwards of a million dollars to the party in the few years since it was founded.

Of and in itself this raises huge issues about the legality of the putthemajorslast.com.au political advertising, as there has been no disclosure whatsoever by the organisation of its Director’s close relationship and deep links to KAP, when clearly there should have been because their advertising is blatantly pitched at switching people away from the ALP and LNP and over to voting for smaller parties such as Katter’s.

The biggest concern of all though is that the gun lobby are using large amounts of blood money derived from the sale of weapons of destruction and death for the express purpose of attempting to get pro-gun candidates like the Katters re-elected, and to try to help the party win more seats in the Katter heartland of North Queensland.


Guns and bullets bought legally at the local firearm store did this to Walter Mikac. They took his wife and children away and sent them to cold graves. No Australian should ever have to suffer the agony that the good man Mr Mikac did, no-one. Its just not normal. Life doesn’t have to be like this.

No-one except the philanthropist Chuck Feeney simply gives huge sums of money away for nothing. There is always a quid pro quo, and the only reasonable conclusion to draw is that Bob Katter and his people have promised the bang bang boys that they will take up the good (bad) fight for shooters rights – which are really just rights for companies like those mentioned in this article to continue to ply their trade in the murder machine industry and grow the business – on the floor of State and Federal Parliament, and put gun owners freedoms above the right of innocent children like Madeline and Alannah Mikac and their mothers to live full lives rather than being cut down like dogs on a sunny day in Port Arthur by a psychotic animal with a bag full of legally purchased guns and bullets.

There is no place for merchants of death in this country, and there is no place for guns other than those issued under the strictest of scrutiny and regulatory supervision to those who demonstrably require them for use in their jobs or on their farms.

We’ve had one Port Arthur sportfans, and that’s one more than any nation needs.

Put the majors last all right Australia.

The major gun dealers.

Give ’em the flick, before another madman like Martin Bryant comes along with a swathe of guns bought from these bastards and gives it to you.