A Queensland Scouts leader facing “extremely serious” child pornography charges has been kept behind bars after a magistrate ruled it was too risky to let him out.

Daniel Leslie Cooper, 38 (above) fronted the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday morning, charged with nine child porn offences including possessing, distributing and using a carriage service to access.

The court heard the Deception Bay father, whose daughter no longer lived with him, faced “lengthy imprisonment” if convicted of the charges.



Queensland’s Chief Scout, the State’s Governer Paul ‘Daphnis’ De Jersey of Wild Nights With Rob Borbidge at Brett’s Boys Brothel fame (centre, right)

Given all that we have learned through the Child Abuse Royal Commission about how pedophiles nearly always maneuver their way into working with kids (if you weren’t clever enough to have worked that out yourself already) wouldn’t you think that the Scouts would undertake some basic checks on its volunteers before allowing them to assume positions in the organisation that afforded them power and influence over, and direct contact with, naive and vulnerable young minors?


Basic things that don’t cost money, like having a quick peek at the social media accounts of the new prospective prospective volunteer to see if there is anything on their account that jumps out of the pages at you and raising big red flags as a warning that the account owner who posted them there may not be a suitable person to work with kids?

The Scouts told the Royal Commission that they were going to be more vigilant and undertake thorough background checks on their volunteers, but words are cheap, and they lied.

This below is a screenshot of the ‘likes’ page from this piece of sh*t kiddy fiddler Daniel Cooper’s Facebook account, which can be accessed by clicking here.


Does anything jump out of the page at you?


It sure does, doesn’t it?

Want to keep your kids safe from sexual abuse by predatory monsters?

Then mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be Girl Scouts.


No you f*cking pedophile piece of trash, it’s you.

We published this story and the exclusive photographs contained within about a month ago, in the hope that if parents knew what this dangerous monster posing such a dire threat to their kids safety and well being looked like they would be able to ensure that their loved little ones didn’t have their lives ruined by falling into the sick sex-fiend and pedophile trap door spider’s wicked perverted net.

Unfortunately some people still haven’t been tipped to the excellence of the work I write and publish on this website, and a number of them don’t read the second grade stuff in the mainstream daily newspapers either, and so the sick kiddy fiddling obsessed psycho, weak gutted c*nt and seemingly incorrigible child raping coward Daniel Sullivan was able to put himself in a position to do it all over again, or at least he was until an avid long-time reader of Its Not Normal spotted the bastard at the scouts hall scouting for fresh young meet and called the coppers anyway.

What the f*ck is wrong with these hald-breed oxygen thieving sick f*cks like Sullivan?

Why are their lives so ruled by unthinkable to ordinary Australians fantasies about forcing themselves on innocent little boys and girls that they will foresake their own liberty and cast their victims into a lifetime lived in the bowels of hell for a single taste of seriously sick sex fiend heaven?

These pedos aren’t like you and me; they live on a fringe so far from the sane and normal world that those who have been lucky enough never to fall prey to their personality disordered perversions find can’t comprehend the ferocity and depth of their sick desires.

In their ignorance good, normal people mistakenly believe that pedophiles can be treated – they can, but it doesn’t work – and fail to understand that pedophiles are unlike the majority of the prison population in that their depravity never goes away and their warped sexual desires for smooth little kids can never be cured.

The simple truth is that rehabilitation doesn’t work when it comes to kiddy fiddlers because they don’t want to change. Most will mouth the right words and regurgitate by rote what the counselors want to hear about how bad what they did was and how they know it was wrong and will never do it again, and as they are telling the jailhouse psych this their dicks are getting hard for they love talking about their evil crimes and enjoy reliving the rape of the child for which they were sent to prison, and deep down all they really want from this world is the opportunity to do it again.

That’s why c*nts like the loser up top here gravitate back to the Scout grounds to find little boys and girls to feast their eyes on and fantasise on. They know what they are doing is wrong and that the odds are that they will get caught but they don’t care and they couldn’t stop it anyway because in their crazed imaginations the kids really want it and it just feels so f*cking good.

They are devil on legs these scum suckers, while they are walking on free on the streets any child they chance across is exposed to grave perils and deadly danger, and the horror movie will never stop until they are cold and dead in a weed-strewn grave with a cheap cardboard imitation headstone that says “PEDO – PISS HERE”.

That’s Daniel Cooper in a nutshell for you, and Denis Ferguson and Greg Masters and Kevin Lynch and Brett Cowan and every other monster who has ever hurt a child for no reason other than it turns the sick c*nts on.

There is only one way to end this blackest of plagues infecting the earth, but its unpalatable to the limp wristed latte set who have never bled from their arse because someone thrice their size forced their mangy dicks up them, and don’t have to bear a constant reminder of their rapes in the form of the deep bite mark scars on their breasts, and the violence continues on and the little children keep on suffering.

It’s a crazy, f*cked up world we live in sportsfans, don’t you worry about that.

Never take your eyes off your kids is the only tip I can give you. Keep them safe my friends and take it from me, they’re far too precious to lose.