This is Rod Jones, the One Nation candidate for Caloundra in the upcoming Queensland State election.

Rod, who was born in the late 50’s, claims that he’s won the Stawell Gift.

He hasn’t.

Rod’s a liar.

Rod says that he married Janine in 2001.

He did.

Rod says that he has strong family values. morals and respect.

If that is true why does he exclude his first wife – the father of the 3 children he had at a young age – from his life story?


Rod says that he began his journey into politics in the 2016 Local Government Elections.

He did.

Sort of.

Rod got 13% of the vote in his campaign to become the Councillor for Division 1 of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. His vote improved to 22% after preferences were distributed, but unfortunately he wasn’t elected because his opponent scored the other 78% of the vote.

Rod says that you should vote for him because he was born in Tasmania, and supports the Brisbane Lions, and because he won the Stawell Gift, which he didn’t.


I wouldn’t vote for Rod if you threatened to put a red hot poker up my posterior and twist it thrice.

He runs too fast and lies too high for my liking.