(1) What on earth was the Chairman of the Albion Park Harness Racing Club doing meeting privately with an alleged criminal who is on bail on multiple charges of fraud allegedly committed against the members of the Brisbane Racing Club and the ratepayers of the Ipswich City Council?

(2) Why was the on-course caller employed by the Brisbane Racing Club meeting with the same alleged criminal on the same day at the same time in the same place?

(3) Was a leading presenter on the Tatts Group/UBET owned Radio TAB racing station, and writer for prominent racing websites, present at the meeting?

(4) Did Ambassador Travel have one of their ambassadors and hosts attend the get together with the alleged criminal who has made threats against the author of this website? (that didn’t work did it d*ckhead?)


(5) Why are the Directors of the failing Albion Park Harness Racing Club, which is posting year on year losses and draining the tri-code racing industry of tens of millions of dollars, spending their Saturday evenings in a swish marquee adjacent to the winning post at the harness racing track swilling Moet and slipping oysters, prawns, lobsters and moreton bay bugs down their throats each week leading into Christmas and charging it back to the race club as an expense?

(6) Have any of the multitude of mates that the Directors have invited into the all you can eat and drink without paying a cent tent had an attack of conscience after learning of the perilous financial position of the Albion Park club and insisted on paying their own way?

(7) If the LNP Racing Minister-in-waiting Jon Krause is really the passionate supporter of racing and fierce advocate for the industry that he claims to be, why is it that he has  made a mere two speeches in parliament about the sport in the past three years?


(8) Why has the LNP’s position on ensuring the integrity of Queensland racing changed so much in the space of just two elections?

(9) Is it any coincidence that Clip Clop Kev’s long-time right-hand man on the Albion Park club Board of Directors until his premature death Dave Knudsen was a business partner of Gary Shannon, father of Dean ‘Jed/Ned’ Shannon the ‘founder’ of bookmaker.com and later CEO of Ladbrokes Australia after the English bookie bought his company out?


(10) Why is it that Shannon knows so much about client lists, and appears to have a magic talent for making them disappear in his wake every time he leaves the building?

(11) What are the odds about the internet pornographer Shannon running afoul of one of Western Australia’s heaviest respectable businessmen thanks to his arrogant silver spooner’s ill-thought spittle and then becoming filthy rich after the nice chap from Perth made him an offer of redemption that he couldn’t refuse?


(12) Why was the alleged money laundering harness racing identity Marshall Dobson betting in false names on harness racing in Western Australia?

(13) Which corporate bookmaker was Dobson allegedly betting with under these false names?

(14) Has he ever held a wagering account with Bookmaker.Com, Ladbrokes or Neds?

(15) Were they opened and operated in his own name?

(16) Why is it that a substantial percentage of the suspiciously over-sized exotic betting pools on Race 1 at the Albion Park trots is invested out of West Australia?

(17) How come Clip Clop Kev’s major construction companies never seem to have any industrial disputes with the CFMEU?

(18) Why is it that Mirvac, John Holland, Leightons and a host of other construction companies were summoned to appear before the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption, but none of Clip Clop Kev’s companies were?


(19) Were the Directors of the Brisbane Racing Club aware of the Royal Commission’s uncovering of Mirvac’s corrupt business practices – including the regular and systematic payment of bribes – at the time that they entered into a joint venture agreement with the company to hand it prime BRC land?

(20) Or was it exactly that which sealed the deal?

(21) What’s little Stevie ‘Goosie’ Gagel really doing on the board of the BRC?

(22) And what’s Johnny ‘The Good” Shepherd doing there?

(23) What has been BRC Chairman Nifty Nev Bell’s past involvement with a company named Caboolture Property Investments Pty Ltd (ABN: 32 095 739 576)?

(24) What is Nifty’s relationship with country and western singer, former Caboolture RSL manager, harness racing trainer and alleged fraudster Stephen ‘Bunzie” Bunz?