Despite the recent denials by Racing Queensland the talk around the tracks that a Queensland Racing Integrity Commission steward is under investigation by his employer in relation to his dealings with young rising star trainer Ben Currie continue to grow in intensity.

The latest word is that QRIC investigators have obtained mobile telephone records revealing a multitude of calls and text messages between Currie and the racing steward, and are presently conducting a forensic examination of the communications that may well lead to some sensational developments in the coming weeks and months.

The steward allegedly under investigation has not officiated at a Toowoomba meeting for the past fortnight, which coincidentally – or not – aligns with the period since QRIC officials conducted an early morning raid on the Downs allegedly targeting Currie.

Those in the know say that Currie was tipped off just minutes before the raid – after the officials had left the QRIC premises, but before they arrived at the targeted address – and had hastily exited the scene, leaving behind an associate and friend who apparently could not fit in the escape vehicle and was subsequently pinched by stewards while waiting for the getaway vehicle to return for the second lap.

That person, a former high-profile country racing official, is alleged to have returned a positive for personal methamphetamine use after being swabbed by stewards, although strangely – or not – this person appears at this stage not to have been charged for the alleged transgression against the rules of racing.

Beware the Ides of Bart (Cockburn) is all I have to say.

Watch this space.

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