The word on the street is that the mystery of the Somerville House/Brisbane Boys College/Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) series of Courier-Mail stories about strange men who run the schools and the association that owns them may be about to be revealed in all of its naked glory-hole glory.

You see the whispers are that there was a third naked man in the Apollos Bathhouse at Annerley with the buftie boys that day, and that he is a somewhat more than well-known senior figure in Queensland legal and government circles.

In fact they say the bloke in the buff may just be the most senior Queen’s man in the whole of the Queen’s land, and that a family member is about to out him.


Did you ever wonder why exactly Paul ‘Daphnis’ De Jersey’s name was included among those whose privacy the Courier-Mail reported was breached at the elite BrisVegas private school Somerville House, located just around the corner from the tickle me underwater Elmo bathhouse at Annerley where the little big boys play?

After all the Guvnor’s kids had been long gone from the school, his grandkids weren’t there, he wasn’t on the school board, everyone in Queensland knows that he lives at Government House, his phone number’s in the White Pages and his email address is on his website.


So what on earth could the the private information about Daphnis De Jersey on the Somerville House computer system have been that was of such great importance that PMSA Executive Manager would feel compelled to download it onto a portable hard drive, delete it from the school system, and then destroy the hard drive itself?

Emails and texts about ‘doing Eddie the Eagle’ in the nude at the Apollo Korean Bathhouse at Annerley that’s what.

Emails and texts to Daphnis De Jersey from his queerer than folk mates in charge of child protection at the Uniting Church owned and operated schools that they manage and run, that’s what.

Emails and texts that if publicly released would sink Daphnis’s career, ruin his reputation for all time, and perhaps even take him on the ultimate magic carpet ride from the Government House to the Sh*thouse by landing him in a prison cell in the Woodford protection wing.

I know a lot more about Daphnis De Jersey and his evil black heart than anyone other than the few folk that I have told about my first hand knowledge could ever imagine.

Having a photographic memory that starts from the day you were first abused and never ends can be both a blessing and a curse.

And when external events cause you to look back in horror at the ways you managed to survive when you lived on the city streets post-abuse at the age of fifteen, and the things you did, and you think back about the sick rich c*nts in suits you met who wanted to exploit your smooth young form, let me utterly assure you that the blessings are few but the curses are many, and you can take that truth to the bank and cash the cheque.

Every dog will have its day Paul Kelly famously sang, but old Willie Shakespeare came to that conclusion long before the Aussie wordsmith was even born.

Let Hercules himself do what he may,

The cat will mew and dog will have his day

the opium loving old Bard famously declared, and I have but one word to add.