I loathe the behaviour of Mr (Harvey) Weinstein …… I have had a life-long opposition to sexism and misogyny – Don Burke; serial sex pest, misogynist harasser of multitudes of women, and repeated perpetrator of sexual assaults on females

(I could not believe) Don would countenance anything remotely resembling harassment – Jackie French; former Burke’s Backyard presenter and Senior Australian of the Year

Is your c*nt as big as that? – Burke to Susie O’Neill; double Olympic gold medal winner,  Order of Australia medalist, Queensland’s sweetheart (and deservedly so)


At the present time there’s a need for total reformation and refocusing of the industry and that’s exactly what we’re doing – 2012 presentation to harness industry participants by Kevin ‘Clip Clop’ Seymour; self-proclaimed harness racing benefactor, private interest-free loan lender to corrupt Racing Minister the late Russell James Hinze, subject of instense scrutiny and investigation by the Fitzgerald Inquiry

Let’s be straight though, I don’t condone integrity breaches at all, and if there is a problem let’s get rid of it and get it sorted. It is important to eradicate any issues going forward – statement by Kevin Seymour Nov 2017 interview with Ben Dorries; cricket tragic, News Ltd redundancy package scorer, breath of fresh air in racing if he tries

I am not sure if you are aware that QRIC has very extensive phone tapping and surveillance powers! Everyone needs to be squeaky clean – Kevin Seymour, 16 Sep 2016 email to harness racing industry identities including; race fixers, trainers of race-fixed runners, and officials of the Albion Park Harness Racing Club


It (the LNP pledge to retain Albion Park) is heartening …. we consider (it) is the metropolitan home of harness racing. We can go to the LNP post-election, if they win, and work with them on rejuvenating the complex – Statement to the Qld Times on 23 Nov 2017 by David ‘The Bantam’ Fowler; Albion Park Harness Racing Club Chairman, Brisbane Racing Club course race caller, blogger

The LNP’s policy to return autonomy to each racing code is both bold in vision and correct on the evidence at hand … this column posed the question last week would the LNP match Labor’s financial takeover of non TAB country racing in the state.
Not only did they promptly do that but added some impressive extra planks – 21 Nov 2017 ‘My Call’ column by The Bantam; LNP supporter, devotee of 2am poker machine playing at the Albion Hotel, and by his own (witnessed) reckoning the only bloke in Queensland to both win on the pokies and have the numbers on Kevin Seymour on the Albion Park Harness Racing Club board

It annoys me no end when you are painted “team red” or “team blue”…..  (it’s) a simplistic argument – The Bantam; Queensland running backwards at high speed gold medalist, lover of free seafood and bubbles, hobbyist restorer of antique South Australian closets