A week before the Queensland Election news broke that a ‘man’ convicted of child pornography offences had been employed as an Electoral Officer in (she claims) the Waterford Electorate Office of ‘Del’ Shannon Fentiman, the Queensland Minister for  Child Safety.

A f*ckin pedo had snuck into the playground, and he was working for the big cheese in charge of it.

It was a scandal, one that in these heady days of Harvey Weinstein and now Don Burke could have cost Labor the State Election, and should and would have if the LNP leader and his Chief of Staff turned party campaign manager Wheelbarrow hadn’t been such useless wankers and self-focused c*nts.

Here we have the Child Safety Minister, and she’s juggling all these complementary but different portfolios like youth and kids and bashed women and communities (whatever that is these days), and she’s f*cking useless at all of them and so she has to call in half-smart political hacks to help her work out what the go is, and this sick f*cker Schofield who likes little titless girls is one of them.

If Tim Nicholls has even zero point one of Little Johnny’s political brilliance and instinctive scent for blood he would have torn Del Shannon into a thousand pieces and ripped her Labor Party’s heart apart.

But the Toolman’s nothing more than a silver spooned rich boy with a built in aversion to doing anything remotely even related to work, and so he went and rode on toy train sets and laughing all the way sent his party to hell.

What a f*cking half-wit Nicholls and his main campaign man are.


The convicted child porn offender employed in the Child Safety Minister’s electorate office wasn’t working there at all.

Hayden Schofield the pedo pervert wasn’t a shit kicking typist.

He was an elections man, an experienced political coordinator and campaigner who was seconded across from the powerful United Voice union to run Shannon Fentiman’s campaign

The pedo wasn’t answering punters phone calls about broken gutters in Waterford. He was in the party head office working out to win his boss the seat.

The whole Electorate Officer thing was a scam, a fraud perpetrated against the taxpayers of Queensland to make believe that the cash from the Minister’s electoral office account was being expended on Waterford electorate matters, when it wasn’t at all.

It was being spent on the wages of a pedophile working on the campaign of the Minister in Charge of Kids.

A f*cking cat was in the cradle and two busloads full of useless as f*ck faux journalists sucking up expenses and believing everything they’re told because they’re ego pumped brainless emus missed it, and those dumb c*nts missed it because the even dumber c*nt Tim the Toolman and his sidekick Wheelbarrow missed it as well and didn’t tell them.

You morons!


The pedo who got sprung with thousands of images of pre-pubescent girls on his computer was married to Jackie Trad’s old electorate officer and now senior campaign worker Ellen ‘Elly’ Demarchelier, who is supposedly the communications manager of a union front outfit called The Parenthood – can you f*cking believe it? – but in reality is just a union paid campaign leader for the girl the Labor Left call boss.


Through his missus’ connection to Trad in 2013 the pedo Schofield swindled his way into a role as a campaign lead organiser for the United Voice union, a fair dinkum good and decent outfit full of mainly top-shelf people striving to get a better pay and conditions deal for the health workers who save our lives, so that they can get enough resources to save a whole lot more, and for the child care professionals who look after and educate our kids while we are out helping the wheels of the Queensland economy churn.


To gain entree the sick convicted pervert who pulls himself over pictures of little eight year old girls until he comes pretended he was a normal bloke and told the union that he had no skeletons in his closet, and swore that he was the owner of a clean criminal record, and even signed a few statutorily declared forms to prove it.

One of these forms the pedo filled out and signed was a Right of Entry Permit application under the Fair Work Act, approval of which allows the holder unfettered access to childcare centres and children’s hospitals without any further criminal or probity checks ever being required.

Schofield completed the form and declared he had none, and because both the union manager responsible for  making the proper checks to ensure their new employee was telling the truth, and the Fair Work and Qld Industrial Relations Commission managers charged with the same task at the other end failed to do their jobs properly, or at all.


And so for the better part of 2 years, maybe 3, a bloke who’d narrowly escaped jail after being convicted of being a pedo pervert was walking the corridors of the childcare centres, after school care facilities, kids hospitals, hospices and clinics of Queensland, and not a soul was any the wiser other than one, the person who dobbed him in and should and would have got him sacked except for the fact that the Child Safety Minister let him resign.

Clock that fact and keep it: the Minister whose job is keeping kids safe let a pedophile resign from her employ and keep his pay and leave entitlements instead of sacking him on the spot and kicking the f*cker in the nuts.


There’s only one reason for that and it involves the one person who knew about Schofield’s criminal past and to her horror found out that his perverted proclivities continued apace despite his denials.

The same person who called the coppers after she came home unexpectedly one day in the early weeks of the campaign and caught her husband at it again in front of the computer with his hand down his pants and a nude kid on the screen. Or would have called the coppers anyway if the poor young woman who had believed her lying lover’s protestations that it was just a mistake and that he’d changed hadn’t felt an understandable guilt about sending him to prison, and called the Clerk of the House of Broken Dreams instead.

It was all good up to that point, and no-ones fault but the pedo liar’s and the lazy, and if Elly Desmarchelier didn’t hand her husband straight into the arms of the cops well who could blame her, but someone in authority certainly should have.


Because a person banned for life by the courts from contact with kids because they are a pedo who tries to, and succeeds in, worming his way into a job that gives him unlimited and totally lawful access to the files of vulnerable little girls like TiaLeaigh Palmer is nothing but a serious sex offender and needs to be locked up with the key thrown away.

When she found out the truth the Child Safety Minister ‘Del’ Shannon Fentiman  – a supposed abuse opposing left-wing feminist lawyer who by virtue of her union patronage is now the most senior and powerful child protection agent in the whole of the Pineapple Land – covered up the c*nt’s real role under her employ, and let him walk away with a pocket full of cash and without a single scratch.

Then, for purely political purposes and reasons, in the weeks before the election she covered the whole thing up, not just the once when she let the self-professed pedophile Hayden Schofield slip quietly out the back door of office, but now twice when she lied to the press and the public and criminally mislead us all.

And the Toolman and Wheelbarrow missed the whole thing, and so did an AFL semi-final’s squad of scribes assigned to the election campaign who had nothing else to do.

Is it any wonder the average Vegas punter would rather go the footy than cast a vote at the bloody ballot box?

At least Matt Cecchin might go to the video referee.

Shannon Fentiman would just spray paint the bloody camera.

But guess what Del?

Now the camera’s on you.

Please explain.


Published: November 18 2017 – 11:28AM

Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman said she was “shocked” and “horrified” to discover one of her electoral officers had a criminal record for child pornography.

Ms Fentiman said the man was employed in a junior administrative position for less than a month and was made to resign immediately.

The man was employed by the Queensland Parliament which did not conduct criminal checks, she said, but added that the policy has since been changed and background checks are now undertaken.

“I received advice on the 28th of October from the clerk of the parliament that this officer had an undisclosed criminal history on the undertaking I took this information confidentially,” Ms Fentiman said.

“I had absolutely no knowledge of this and was completely shocked and horrified like everyone else.

“I sought the staff member’s resignation that day.”

The former employee, who resigned the day before Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk called the November 25 election on, had no involvement in ministerial matters, she said.

“I want to assure the community that this individual had absolutely no access to or involvement in any of my ministerial portfolio matters, they are very separate and distinct office and they operate on very separate systems.

“What this shows is a significant gap in the policies and procedures of the Queensland Parliament and I am pleased the clerk has made changes to HR policies to require criminal checks.

“We need to make sure these checks are done, it affects every politician.”

Opposition Child Safety spokeswoman Ros Bates labelled the revelations as “disgusting” and accused Minister Fentiman of exposing children to “an unacceptable risk”.

“The reports highlight yet another gross dereliction of duty in the long-running child safety crisis of Annastacia Palaszczuk, Shannon Fentiman and Labor,” she said.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to explain how a man convicted of child pornography offences was working in the electorate office of the Minister for Child Safety.

“Can the Premier guarantee Queenslanders no further child safety employees pose a risk to vulnerable children?”