This is the best vision of a world class race that you will ever see.

It will send goosebumps up the spine of a real racing fan, just like the black’s surge around the top turn did in The Black Stallion.

It’s even better than that would you believe, almost up there with the blonde bloke who could run as fast as a leopard’s final sprint in Gallipoli.

An absolute cracker.

Know what’s funny?

Calling this race is like riding the winner of the Cox Plate – Melbourne Cup double. The sh*tmen can’t do it. Like Michele Payne they might ride a beauty and snag a lucky one, but they’ll never get astride one that’s good enough to do the double.

Only the best do that, and only the best call the Dubai World Cup that’s broadcast to a global audience of hundreds of millions.

The best is of course a Queenslander.

What else would he bloody be?

Terry Spargo’s his name, and after a distinguished career calling leading races around the world he is back in Vegas, because like all of us the bloke who would have been the Brisbane caller forever if only he hadn’t been Hay List to Wayne Wilson’s Black Caviar has always loved ya Queensland and called Australia home.

Yep, the Makybe Diva of the race calling world’s living in Vegas and available for work and what do you reckon the retards who run racing have offered him?

A gig as a casual caller in the provincials, with sick, annual and maternity leave backup gigs in town.

Meanwhile, thanks to the patronage of the mates whose bums he’s kissed (that and a bit more) the splotched like a Pro Hart rug Bantam sits ruling the roost in the Doomben glass tower of binoculared power and sitting on the fence in photo’s closer than a short half head.

It’s a bit like putting me up as starting shooting point guard for the Boomers in preference to Ben Simmons isn’t it sportsfans? Totally bloody stupid.

Oh well, I suppose all we can do is grin and bear it.

Or switch over and listen to Josh Fleming on Sky.

I’ve just got one last thought on the matter race lovers, and it’s this.

You don’t mind running second to the Caviar, but it’s a bit rough when you’re copping it in the hindquarters from the Buff.